It's AT&T's turn to ride the HTC One 4.3 update train

As promised by HTC America president Jason Mackenzie, the Android 4.3 update for the AT&T HTC One is now pushing out to users. It appears to be the same version that was previously leaked, checking in at 565.7MB and bringing the phone up to the current version of Android.

As we saw with the unlocked and Developer Editions, as well as Sprint models and phones from Canada, the update brings everything from Android 4.3 as well as further enhancements to Sense 5, with features like custom music and more themes for Highlights and dreaded black bar removal. Users who have updated on the other models seem pleased.

To see if your phone is ready for the update — they go out in stages — open the settings and look under About phone. Remember, AT&T limits the number of times you can check in a day. You'll find ways to work around this and more discussion in the HTC One forums.

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Android 4.3 update for AT&T HTC One now pushing out


I'd rather wait a few days for an update if it means having a reliable network, just saying.......

Posted via my Moto X

Haha, as a Sprint user - I find this hilarious and totally accurate.

We can all agree though, at least we're not Verizon!

The reason I left Sprint lol. Updates mean nothing if I still can't get service on the dang phone!

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Ummm OK, and that's relevant to this article in what way? wtf is wrong with people

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There's a huge difference: the International (EU) model will receive the new Sense 5.5, whereas the US carriers are still on Sense 5.

That is the reason why the International One hasn't yet received Android 4.3

I hope T-Mobile is next week. I've been running 4.3 for about a month, but it'd still be nice to run official software.

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I accidentally deleted my backups, been running 4.3 also, there a way to go back stock? I want to run the official version for T-Mobile, Wifi calling hehe

Downloaded! So what are the improvements to the camera app that I'm hearing about?

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Do you see me drinking milk from a saucer? Haha... Can't ever get enough of that movie.

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How has this update still not been pushed out to unlocked UK versions of the phone yet is available on carrier versions?

Mine seems to be stuck at 0% 0B / 0B at the moment. The updater tool wasn't working at first until I restarted my phone even though I had already tried to change the date.

Do I need to check from att software update or >about >software updates?

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I had been checking both but neither did anything until I restarted my phone and magically it began downloading.

I woke up and my phone was prompting me to update. It was done downloading and installing by the time I had brushed my teeth.

thanks, it actually resumed the download when I got back into wifi zone. black bar be gone. power toggles be gone. now for some htc sense 6 months or never.

Three colleagues have downloaded and installed the 4.3 update, one left his HTC ONE in my desk as he has poor Wi-Fi signal in his office, while it downloaded and installed the update.

I am impressed with the look/feel of the device, but I still do not like Sense.

I know it is a selling point (or at least a way to differentiate HTC) but it just does not work for me, though my colleague (the owner of the device) seems to like it (or at least he is not bothered by it).


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Two words: Nova Launcher. Hides that hideous Blink Feed and gives you all those pretty customization options that we all love Android for :-)

How do I reset the at&t software update counter? I checked earlier for the update when it wasn't avail, now it's telling me to wait till tmrw. any help...

I'm with Tmo and on October 4th I got 4.3.Now, I'm just saying....

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

Kygator...your name is an Just joking...GO CATS!!!

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HTC has always been my favorite Android manufacturer. Sadly I can't upgrade at the moment so I will get the Nexus 5 on day one. Next year I'll get the successor to the One

The reason I dropped Samsung for HTC is they are horrible about updating anything other than their biggest flagship devices. I had the Captivate, GREAT phone, no love from Sammy. Luckily Cyanogen got me up and running Jelly Bean because Samsung was never going to do it.

Woohoo! More video highlight themes. Does anyone know of any third party apps that can make similar videos?

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Any clue when We might see our EVO LTE update? this was rumored a little over three weeks ago for the ATT One, and its already here. I know they want end of the year, but is there any more explicit detail?

I'm on T-Mobile, so I get to wait......all good though, ever since they launched lte ... Things are smooth. Congrats to ATT on update... I'll use tin cans and string before I choose Verizon again.

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I've attempted download and nothing has happened for an hour. Any suggestions?

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I think the only reason these carriers rushing to get 4.3 out is because N5 is right around corner and with the rumored prices they will be stuck with loads of HTC one and S4 inventory otherwise they would drag their tail like always.

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I downloaded the firmware twice, but both times when installing, I got a red triangle with an exclamation point, i.e. it won't install. Anyone know why? :(

I have a rooted AT&T HTC One but have restored my original OS because I wanted to check this update out. When I check for an update, AT&T only shows a small one (246 MB as opposed to the 1 GB others have mentioned). It downloads and starts to install but as the phone reboots, my recovery starts up and I'm not sure which option to choose. I've tried "reboot" but I don't think the update is taking because I still show 4.1.2 as my version. I wonder if it's even possible to install the update on a rooted phone or if I'm doing something wrong somewhere? Thoughts?

HELP!! just updated my phone from 4.1.2 to newest update believe it's 4.3 kitkat. Anyways downloaded it restarted and downloaded. But still no change to previouse software.... Does anybody know why?????????