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Reports of the OTA arriving are coming in fast and furious

The 4.3 OTA for the Nexus 4 seems to be rolling out en masse, as I'm getting reports from everywhere that it's now available. To check for the OTA yourself, open Settings, scroll down to About phone, and tap the System updates line item.

If you're just not having any luck, the link location has been uncovered. You can download the OTA for manual side loading right here. If you need any assistance, head into the forums and holler.

Happy flashing, and enjoy your new flavor of Jelly Bean!

Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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Android 4.3 for the Nexus 4 rolling out everywhere, here's the download link


Im in Montreal Quebec , Canada I have received just now the OTA 4.3 Update By doing this: Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Services Framework > Clear Data and then Force Stop the service (it will automatically restart). After doing this you can go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates > Check Now. You may have to repeat this trick a number of times (10 or more). Alternatively, you can reboot the phone after clearing the data (I always seem to have success after rebooting).
I clear Data and force the service and check nothing.
I did it again still nothing
Then restarted my device and did the same steps with wifi ON AND received it ! :)

The Nexus 7 has also been receiving the 4.3 update this afternoon and evening. If you haven't got it yet, it will come. They can't give it to everyone at once, or it will crash their servers.

Posted from my Samsung Galaxy tab with Android 4.2.2

> They can't give it to everyone at once, or it will crash their servers.

Apple servers seem to be able to manage it.

Are you kidding? After an iOS update their servers generally crash for hours.

This is the right way to do it. If you're desperate for it just flash it manually. Took less than 5 minutes to do my nexus 4 & 7.

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thanks for the nexus 4 file, it cost me 30 min but its smooth...
do you know when its going 2 be ready the nexus 7 ota file ?
sideload its nice and easy

a bit more work than I hoped. Ran into the "Error retrieving information from server.[RPC:S-5:AEC-0]" error in the Play Store. Needed to remove my Google Account, clear Google Play Store and Google Services Framework data...

Now re-syncing all my data and ready to go (already updated Google Maps so the Play Store is working again)

Downloaded update and side-loaded..didn't take more than 15 min. ( of 173MB). Now looking at new features..not many though.

I downloaded update from the link shared...used Nexus Root Toolkit to ADB Sideload update...lost the root...and then rooted using SuperSU zip (easily available,leave a comment if you need) for JWR66V build again using Nexus Root Toolkit by was butter rooted 4.3 on Nexus 4.

Nothing on either the 4 or 7. Just like the music all access and voice, is this the Google thinking that the world ends with the US coastlines again?

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I'm having a

    rooted nexus 7 <\ul>on stock rom with
      franco kernel<\ul>. Wil there be any issues in receiving the OTA update? Also if no issues in updating then will the root be preserved?

Got the Play Store updates last night in the UK, but no 4.3 update for my N4 as of yet. A few days wait I don't mind, I just hope it isn't a week or more.

I might wait until there is a working root alternative before installing this one.

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seems like no body have got OTA till now. I am also not seeing any OTA Available on my Nexus 4 in India.

What kind of mass release is this :(

Nutin' in Central Ohio for my N4 so far... :/ (sigh!?)

I DID get an order in for the Chromecast via Play yesterday... SWEET!!! :O

Guys a help! I have been using PA3 as of now on my nexus 4 ... If I want to flash the above link, do I need to have the stock ROM separately ? Or the above link will also install back the stock ROM? Reply fast! .. :)

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Am I the only one who finds it annoying and amusing at the same time that people who don't know anything about the update to 4.3 are having it pushed to their devices while a bunch of us are sitting here waiting and mashing the system updates button all day long? Seems like there ought to be some "on demand" option. Surely the number of people with a Nexus Device who actually pay attention is a small enough percentage that letting us request the update wouldn't kill the servers.

Meanwhile sitting at work and not able to sideload I will continue to mash that button. *sigh*

I agree. Knowing my luck my wife will get the update on her N4 before I do. She doesn't even know what 4.2.2 or jelly bean means :)

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You know what that is true. If you request the update it should just come. Most people don't actively try to update their phones except fanboi's like us. It should allow us to get the update or atleast que up for it damn.

Phones Review are reporting that so far there is no 4.3 OTA updates for the Nexus 4 and WiFi Nexus 7, and that the tech blogs reporting otherwise are wrong.

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So has anyone had an OTA update then? Let me know so I can stop checking for updates every 5 minutes.

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Judging by this and other threads about this issue, it seems no. The only updates I've read are those that have downloaded it directly!

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I'd have to, unfortunately, agree as well. I'm not exactly sure where this opening comment came from:

"The 4.3 OTA for the Nexus 4 seems to be rolling out en masse, as I'm getting reports from everywhere that it's now available."

Especially since I haven't seen a single comment of any Nexus 4 getting the OTA update. Looks like everyone jumped on the bandwagon and started posting that it would be available today.

So the first line state of " Reports of the OTA arriving are coming in fast and furious" is not exactly true then?

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Has anyone tried the manual download link to side load? Any drawbacks if I side load without waiting for the OTA?

Has anyone tried the manual download link to side load? Any drawbacks if I side load without waiting for the OTA?

Any news on how the Nexus 4 with enabled LTE works on 4.3? Is it still possible to "hack it" with the previous methods?

can approve this.. I'm living in Mountain View.. practically next to Google. No OTA update here yet (Palo Alto or MV) :/.

Anybody know if the Nexus 7 update helps with the screen flicker with low brightness settings?

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I was joking still no update I'm still waiting for it hurry up from Canada!

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Holland/Belgium Europe, 16:25 CET.... nothing yet! No OTA for Nexus 10.... I do have the .zip to flash via ADB sideload, but can't do it on the job, so will do it later when home. I thought owning a Nexus you would get updates pushed instantly, but seems Nexus is just as bad as Samsung, HTC and all the rest. Only difference you know you're getting updated, that's it!

As of 12.43 pm on July 26 no update yet for galaxy
Nexus. I live in Toronto Canada. Has anyone seen update in Toronto.
I did receive update on Nexus 7 on Wednesday evening though. I thought both would be received the same day.

No 4.3 for me as of yet.
I possess a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 7 via GooglePlay Canada.

I can't figure out why Google can't release a worldwide or a country specific update all at once like Apple does.
Are google servers so much worse than Apple to handle all downloads at once ?

I'm disappointed.

I just got omg serious I swear to god I just got it nexus 4 Canada Toronto at 3:05 yes android 4.3 everyone should get it now I think Google is sending it out now

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I just got the notification the update is available and it's downloading now for my Nexus 4 (nothing for my Nexus 7 yet). I'm in the Atlanta area ...

At 6.35 pm download for galaxy nexus arrived in Toronto. It is 165 Mb and takes less than 15 minutes to install.Once you download new app for play store apps you can limit permissions. It is in four columns and you can limit reading contacts ,location and messages. You need to open each app and decide which permissions to allow.

Hi there,

Hi Google Nexus 4 (Build JDQ39). I did receive the Andriod update 4.3 and downloaded the file. But when tried to install it, I get an error message "Verification Failed".

Does anyone know what can be the issue?


Got the same message, I guess this is when patience is gonna come in handy. It will happen not that much of a change anyway....

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I have the slightly modified N4 with the bumps on the bottom and slightly altered camera and for me still no update yet in South Florida.

yeah !!! received the update directly from the phone ;)
apps-google services framework-force stop-clear data-then system updates-now try updating through phone. its worked for me !!
good luck guys

Nah that doesn't work, it was probably just a coincidence.

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Do one thing..i figured out how to get...remove you Google account, force stop and clear data of Google services in apps-all apps...then restart...maybe your play store starts crash..then add google account..sync it...n then try..i would work...i figured it out by my self..Good Luck

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And play store will work just fine..if it doesn't then uninstall play store update..clear data and clear data of play would be at around version 3. It may again crash but then work..shows you to agree..and in 5 store back to 4.1 something..this happen because of clearing google services.. Error comes while downloading from store..something that is why this solution was..hope it helps...

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Just do what i said and you are good to go..its simple...wont harm any Nexus 4, 7, 10

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It didn't work on my nexus 4 :/.....mine is from T-Mobile network...its the one with the lil bumps on the bottom o_O idk if that makes a difference. Has anyone had an update in North Carolina!?!?!?

Nothing around chicagoland area yet. I have both Nexus 4 & 7 and there is no OTA update avail. 4.2.2 its all u get. I see some People online arguing they've got it...but in real life not a soul. July 27 5:36pm still waiting.

I just received the OTA on my Nexus 4... I've been checking like crazy for the last few days. Maybe a coincidence but I did the Google Framework trick and it actually worked. 1. Clear Data 2. Force Close 3. Checked for OTA. It worked.

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Just note guys..4.3 will eat your battery like hell...In my 7 drops 1 percent in 3-4 min of just regular usage..just normal..even at time when i was writing this..And my nexus 7 is 2 weeks old..

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got mine on Friday at 4:45... waited until I got home from work to update.. not sure how long it was going to take... didn't want to hangout out at work.. on a FRIDAY any longer the needed!! :P


Shouldn't the unlocked galaxy nexus be getting the update, or did support stop with 4.2.2?

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