The Android 4.2.2 update has now started to roll out to the various "yakju" Galaxy Nexus phones. If you're not familiar with the term, yakju is a tag placed on the versions of the GSM Galaxy Nexus that were sold through channels other than Google Play. Phones sold from Google Play were labeled "takju," and on the software side the only difference is the inclusion of Google Wallet. The thing that matters here is that takju devices have historically received updates well before yakju devices -- today's news of a yakju OTA this close to the takju version is a rare sight.

Why am I telling you all this? We now have manual download link for the yakju GNex, and people (maybe even you) are going to be digging out USB cables and manually updating. I have a better idea for folks who want to get their hands a little dirty at the command line -- flash your phone to the takju version so there's no wait for the next OTA.

Any GSM Galaxy Nexus can run it, Google Wallet is baked right into the ROM (important if you're in the U.S.) and it puts you on the same software and update schedule as the phones from Google Play. It's also kind of fun. The down side is that you'll be starting from scratch, but a fresh install always feels good.

The method is covered right here if you're interested, and I promise that if you're able to manually update your yakju phone, you can flash the takju software and manually update as well. If you don't feel like fooling with it, that's cool, too. Here's the manual download link for the yakju 4.2.2 OTA, and you can sideload it with one of the existing methods. Hit the forums if you run into trouble.


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Android 4.2.2 rolling out to 'yakju' Galaxy Nexus, but here's a better idea


hey Jerry, usually your posts are spot on correct, but not this time.

Everything you said on the post is kinda only valid for US people and I'm sure that android central is accessed from all the world, and Google Wallet is US only at the moment.

I just got my yakju update 10 min ago on my Google Play Galaxy Nexus bought in UK.
So yeah, just a minor bug fix for your post.


it's valid for people outside of the US, you may not be able to use google wallet but their is no harm in having it and the point was that takju devices get updated faster traditionally, (it's rare that the releases are this close), so you wouldn't have to wait a few days for the next update like you would if using a yakju rom.

My Galaxy Nexus purchased from the Google Play Store in April 2012 in the US was also yakju. I imaged with takju a while back so I could get the updates faster, but always thought it was strange that came with yakju.

They may have diverted some phones originally intended for other channels to google play at the last moment. I bought one in July of 2012 and I recieved a yakju device as well, which I flashed to takju as well to get updates faster. Which ironically I sold and bought a nexus 4 which hasn't received it's 4.2.2 update yet. I'm hoping the nexus 4 update is just taking a little longer because they are spending extra time on it fixing battery drain issues.

I've got the phone working fairly well and the battery lasting longer on standby with a custom rom and kernal. But the battery drain while using the phone is still almost as bad as my old verizon lte phone.

I have two Nexus devices including the Galaxy Nexus and I will simply wait for the OTA to be released. It should be soon. As for where the GNex was bought, well that would be eBay where the seller said he bought it last summer at the Google Play Store.

I too have the Gnex, vzw though, I wish Google would allow us to Download the updates from them, because vzw gave up on the Gnex and is 4 updates behind now. I don't root, I like stock android, but there aren't any roms to flash that are stock android copy's.

I too have the Gnex, vzw though, I wish Google would allow us to Download the updates from them, because vzw gave up on the Gnex and is 4 updates behind now. I don't root, I like stock android, but there aren't any roms to flash that are stock android copy's.

Excellent suggestion Jerry (as usual). I take it these were the words of wisdom Phil posted about on Google + earlier. Unfortunately I got the OTA this morning on my Yakju Galaxy Nexus but will keep this for the next update!

Hmm..I'm lost here. Am I supposed to downgrade to 4.1.2 to flash to takju? Or can I just flash, via fastboot, 4.2.1 factory takju image then upgrade to 4.2.2? I'm on yakju 4.2.1
Edit: this file is not working for me. Keep getting an installation aborted error message.

Well, this article couldn't have been more confusing to read through. How about saying "Play Store Galaxy Nexus" or "Non-Play Store Galaxy Nexus" instead of repeating yakju and takju over and over again.

This right here is why I love AC. If I had a GSM version I'd definitely be getting my hands dirty at this!

I'm sooo glad I worked so hard to get an N4 so I'd get the latest and greatest software updates.... Maybe I should sell it and upgrade to a galaxy nexus? Haha

You actually CAN convert your phone to Takju without losing data. Just unpack the image file and flash only the system partition (system.img) and kernel (boot.img). To be safe, you can flash the other images EXCEPT userdata.img because that image wipes your device to factory state.

To be extra safe, you can boot (not flash) to a custom recovery and wipe Dalvik caché and /cache partition. Then, wait for the OTA as usual.


Google has received a lot of complaint over not updating yakju, which is the original Galaxy Nexus, as fast as takju since takju came out. It's good they finally came to their senses and are updating it at the same rate.

Also, Takju and Yakju actually have different radios. So always be aware.

Of course, this does not affect yakjux which are on a completely different update path by Samsung. But are not as common.

i tried update my GN Yakju421 for new Takju422, but update was aborted :((
after that i used update for Yakju422 and was succesfull in minute.... i dont know why :(((
any sugestion how change Yakju422 for Takju422 ???
(phone is supported by Google (europe), not by Samsung)

Can anyone explain why a new OS doesn't become available to all "takju" units or all "yakju" units at the same time? It always appears that when a new OS comes out, people owning the actual phones getting the new OS update seems to have to wait their turn over a number of days rather than having it available to all affected phone-units at once.

In comparison, let's say Apple announces a new iOS update. When they announce it, everyone owning one of the compatible units can download and install it, simultaneously. Not having to wait their turn.

Can anyone explain whether this is a technical issue or what this is about?

Have you noticed that Apple's servers take a performance hit when they release new OS updates? Rolling out the update in waves makes sense when you have a finite amount of server capacity.

So why are so many of the current generation Nexus devices not getting the update before the previous generation Nexus devices? What is up with that?

Are these differences also found on the Nexus 4? Anyone have a link for the Google Play version of the Nexus 4 (I got mine from TMO, and this may be why Wallet doesn't work)?

Yet another example of how Verizon only cares about your money, and not you as a customer. 4 updates behind? Really? Glad I decided to get a Droid RAZR HD and not this.

Used to have detailed info about the Android OS version in Maps under Settings > About - now it's gone and just shows the Maps version number. Where can I find detailed info please - I'm not talking about Settings > About Phone because that doesn't show everything that you used to see in the Maps info.