Jelly Bean

Android Open Source Project guru Jean-Baptiste Queru sends word that the new version of Android, 4.1 Jelly Bean, is being released to AOSP today. This process is the first step in the official release of Jelly Bean, allowing anyone and everyone to download the Android 4.1 source code and compile their own version of the OS. It's also an important milestone towards getting Jelly Bean out there on existing devices. The exact version number that's being released is Android 4.1.1_r1, so it's likely that this will be the final shipping version of Jelly Bean, just as Android 4.0.1 was for ICS. (We're seeing no OTAs on our Google I/O Jelly Bean devices just yet, though.)

The code being published right now includes proprietary binaries that allows Jelly Bean to be built for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, and Nexus S and Motorola Xoom binaries are promised in the near future. As always, note that this source code is for developers only -- you can't download this and magically get Jelly Bean on your device -- it's a bit more complicated than that. Nevertheless, today's release will be exciting for Android devs and custom ROM enthusiasts, as it starts the process of getting popular custom ROMs merged with the Jelly Bean code, and eventually pushed out to eager ROM flashers.

Source: JBQ on Google Groups

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StealthTH says:

Interwebs sure does move fast

TLB69 says:

Yes the Intranet sure does.This is what Ive been waiting for.Now let JB be all it is.


Cant wait for jelly bean on the nexus s!

RamosDevil says:

Awesome - Can't wait for JB AOKP and CM10 on my GNexus!

jcastag says:

Awesome. Now that ICS is officially last generation, maybe VZW and HTC can get ICS on the ReZound. There is apparently an unwritten rule that VZW cannot have the current OS on any products.

What are you talking about? I bought a Galaxy Nexus instead of a Rezound from VZW for precisely the reason that I would have ICS right out of the box. They were the same price. It sucks that's it's not available on more phones, but you still had a choice.

mr.wizard says:

Giddy as a school girl right now

Mtn_Scott says:

That is dangerous to post on the internet.

robd007 says:


Murph5150 says:

If you own a Galaxy Nexus, there is no reason not to already have JellyBean.

Why's that? If you chose to wait for an official OTA, then that's their choice, and they'll be getting it soon.

You act like its disgraceful for someone to not flash a custom ROM on their device.

TLB69 says:

Mark me down for OTA update.But hopefully its not gonna take to long.

briankurtz79 says:

Dude don't be so freaking serious all the time. Its bad for your health.

mcduffer says:

Exactly! How do you not have it? Bought my Nexus just for this kinda stuff. I don't think I can ever go back to an HTC phone with Sense and no updates.

dazweeja says:

The same way everyone else has it. Using the leaked image from Google I/O. This is stock + root:

There's a few JB ROMs in the Verizon forum too.

n0obpr0 says:

I have a galaxy nexus and I have a reason to not be on jellybean yet, thank you :)

impulse101 says:

Agreed there is no reason to own this phone and not have Jellybean on it already. Go get an Iphone because a monkey could root and install a JB ROM on this with his eyes closed.

There is a reason. I tried Jellybean but went back to my favorite ROM (AOKP). Their next release will be a JB release. I can wait a couple of weeks. JB is awesome, but the still ICS AOKP ROM has features that I love. Soon I'll have JB plus my favorite AOKP features. It's a matter of preference, but it's not because I don't know how to root and install a JB ROM.

Will eating them make me smarter?

NYC Dude says:

Release factory image for gsm Galaxy Nexus so I can flash a clean install :-)

thegbnz says:

So any rom makers confirm they are working on JB now?

Will say CM team still be working on ICS and get that to a stable release stage? or will they just start on JB and leave ICS as is.

Lsddreamer says:

Cm said they will finish ics first before carrying on with jb but unofficial versions of cm10 will pop up very soon

EJT says:

Sweet! According to RootzWiki, the Verizon Gnex once again has AOSP support!

bboyairwreck says:

Jelly Bean for HP TouchPad?! :O Hopefully camera functionality first though haha so take your time dev's.... (but not too long ;])

jimpia17 says:

Awsome! I wonder how long it will take verizon to push this update out! I hope not the 4 or so months it took for ISC 4.0.4. If they drag there feet agian, then I think I'm getting a GSM Nexus after my contract and go with AT&T. I hope your listening Verizon! You better start stepping up your game and listening and taking care of your customers. Because without us on your network there is no Verizon!!

FrasierCrane says:

To be fair, that 4.0.4 update included a new radio, which was probably responsible for the delay (I tried an earlier, leaked build and voice calls were all but submerged under a sea of clicks).

To be unfair, Verizon and North American carriers in general are utter dicks about releasing updates in a timely fashion, so all the GNex update delay shows is that it's not ALWAYS because they're busy larding their phones up with locked bootloaders, game demos, and ludicrous subscription apps. Just most of the time.

PJMAN2952 says:

I am filled with happiness right now! Now if CyanogenMod can start developing Android 4.1 rom for the HTC One S. Can't wait for these custom roms!

i1der says:

This seems CrazY but i was in the influence that Asus would be getting JB very fast for the Quads tabs. No mention anywhere...

impulse101 says:

No chance. Nexus devices get them weeks or months before Asus will get an update

TruthX says:

Should i buy Galaxy Nexus now with 4.0, or wait until Jelly Bean gets pre-installed onto the device?

droidgeek says:

That's totally up to you depending on what you want to do. If you don't mind waiting a little for the update which shouldn't take too long then I would buy one now. Or you could get one now and root the GN like I have to get the latest updates as soon as the devs release them.