Android 4.0.3 ported to Nexus S 4G  Android 4.0.3 ported to Nexus S 4G

Samsung Nexus S 4G hacker Beezy has done it again, this time porting the Android 4.0.3 OTA update for T-Mobile phones to the Sprint 4G version.  There's no Wimax of course, but for the most part everything is working well -- including GPU rendering that we all have been wanting.  Hopefully the real OTA for the Nexus S 4G is coming soon, and we can't wait to see what the fellas can do with it when it comes out, but for now you can enjoy the very latest version of Android as it should be on your phone with this ClockworkMod flashable version.

Hit the forums thread, grab the zip, and give it a go.  Thanks, Beezy!

ICS Dooderbutt 4.0.3-v1


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Android 4.0.3 OTA for T-Mobile Nexus S ported to Nexus S 4G


For the love of Pete, Why?

Just wait for the proper OTA and get a proper release instead of giving up the 4G.

Since some people own this device but don't live in an area with WiMax service anyway. Since Sprint has stopped rolling out WiMax I'll probably never get 4G here let alone have it in the month or so between now and the OTA release of ICS for the Nexus S 4G.

As long as nothing else is broken, this isn't bad at all ^_^

If you can call a forgotten and never updated or expanded WiMax network that Sprint roams on 4G. Everyone (which is a lot) that doesn't live in a WiMax area won't ever see WiMax so why not. I just hope for Sprint fans that if they do get the GNex that they decide to use it to launch LTE (if they do it is sad cause it wont come until after mid 2012 so after June) as what they are doing selling millions of phones and marketing them as 4G when their real 4G wont launch until way late and their devices wont be compatible with it. This is the last thing Sprint will want to put up with after the whole Carrier IQ stuff as of late and the iPhone junk. This is a PR nightmare and we all need Sprint to not only live, but succeed esp if ATT gobbles up TMo (which is looking less and less probable by the day). We need the smaller networks to keep the bigger networks honest.

Just updated my sons nexus s and Ics looks great....
However you can't get rid of the Google search bar.
The thing about android I love is if you don't like something then you can change it.

Well I HATE that google bar. Not that it isn't useful or that it doesn't work well. It's that some geek somewhere has decided I can't remove it. It's like when I had my iPhone and Steve Jobs saying you can't have flash or you can't skype over 3g (I know you can now)....

That search bar takes up screen real estate.

Also what happens if some freak wants it to be a Bing bar...
I am picking there will be an antitrust law suit before long.

Its not really needed as I can push the search button..

Pleeeeeeeease let us remove it

It won't be an antitrust issue, because Google has built in the ability to change the search provider. Even to Bing if that's your thing.. ;-)

I disable the app in the settings (Nexus S T-Mobile) and the search bar doesn't appear anymore. But, isn't like gingerbread that you can use the place where the search bar was to arrange the apps icons. You will have a blank area in all the pages, only to have the option of removing icons.

Hopefully the CM team or someone will allow that space to be used by a power widget or something more useful.

Vanilla android. Remember that? Yeah that's over. Sad. Carriers just have to muck with it, the Pure android phones.

I mean no disrespect to beezy...I used his sdk build as a daily for almost 3 weeks, and it was GREAT!!

....why wouldn't you include the wimax drivers?? There are 3 full AOSP roms for D720 NS4G on XDA that do have 4G. The sources are posted to Google's servers. I think it's very careless to post a rom that doesn't include this, since everything needed was given.

Don't get me wrong...I appreciate the work beezy has put in, and I respect him as a wonderful developer.....I just don't think I'll be flashing a rom that lacks 4G when I have 3 to choose from that offer every single thing his rom has, in addition to 4G ;)

I hope he gets cracking on utilizing the 4G source, because I'd love to get some more beezy love on my phone :) why not just use one of those *other* ROMs, (seeing as you want 4G enabled this badly) and then how about you just let beezy work at his own personal development pace. Good ROMs- *especially* early-stage AOSP ROM builds, do NOT come out of nowhere. Instead of thanking him for what he's already done, and giving him -and his judgement- the benefit of the doubt,(knowing that he probably did it for a reason) decide to suggest some kind of incompetence on his part.. /:-)

Some homework: Go to XDA. Go to the ROM development/ROM "Chef" "learning area"(for lack of better word) of their forums. Choose the Android development threads, and locate and choose one of the following 3 tutorial threads to attempt:
1.Compile ICS on Ubuntu (Try it...I dare you ;-) )
2.Compile Gingerbread 2.3.7 on Ubuntu (Much easier+smaller source...but still- I dare you.)
3.Pick a Windows tutorial if you don't run a form of Linux, and attempt to build any branch of source code you want. Thats right..any one of em'! It's free "lunch"(pun intended, lol)- Go insane!

If you end up stuck, and giving up along the might find yourself humbled, and you will have a new found appreciation for the work that goes into the simple task of just fetching sources,and compiling...
Nothing makes a dedicated developer wanna just wanna say "**** off!" and stop being so generous with support+updates, more than rude, ungrateful, demanding leeches, who just take as much as they can get, without ever giving back.
Advice to any member new to rooting/ROMs/Hacks,etc..:

Stop acting like ROM developers work for you, or owe you one damn thing. The productive, self-helping and polite members of the forum will laugh at you, humiliate you... oh, and then they say something like "STFU". ;-)
Don't be offended. It's just that many long-time members on XDA take the philosophy, as well as the community guidelines, very, very seriously. Nothing personal.

nothing makes an appreciative user wanna say **** off more than some idiot who doesn't read their post. I said I appreciate his work, and I respect him as a skilled dev...I just don't understand why 4G wasn't included, and I won't be using it because of that.

Your novel of a reply wasn't necessary, because all I did was express my opinion and confusion as to why this wasn't included. I never asked for your input, and in the future if you're not going to read a post, don't reply, douche!!

I did read your post. I just found it amusing that you called his build "careless",as well as telling him to "get cracking" on 4g. I realize you meant nothing malicious by your comments, but theres some people who might find that disrespectful.
I don't really resort to childish name calling. You seem to have that dept under control .
...My point was supposed to be that compiling ROMs isn't as mindless and easy as it may seem. I also said you should let breezy work at his own pace. Everything can't be structured for your own convenience, ya know?

ROMs come "as is", and its not your place to tell him what to ad in his ROM. Developers don't release ROMs for the hell of it. They do it b/c they personally love to. Its not fun being someones slave, and it ruins something that is supposed to be enjoyable.
Hope that clears it up, good sir ;-)

you need to calm down, man...

1. I never demanded anything from anyone...I just said 'i hope this gets added in'

2. it is careless, IN MY OPINION to not add a major feature that people pay extra for when the source is right there, available on the server....that's right...MY OPINION...maybe you live in a dictatorship where you don't have a freedom to your own opinion, but here in the united states, we do have that right.

3. I never directed any of my comments at you in the first place, so you need to back the fvck off me!!!! I expressed my opinion and my disappointment that a major feature I'm looking for isn't included....that's all. I never said 'you'd better add this, or else" and i never said 'this rom sucks because of xxxx feature missing' all I said was I hope he adds it soon. if you can't handle that, then move the fvck on and just ignore me.

some people are so wrapped up in their own little world they can't even realize other people have opinions sometimes. welcome to the real world where people actually express these opinions freely!!! you're in for a harsh reality if you think any differently.

i have the option to remove the search bar on my inc2 running NTSH ICS beta2 rom. Its under preferences, homescreens.. maybe it was added?

Will the OTA work with I9020A AT&T version? Flashed my Nexus S TMobile & it is fabulous, except the Google Search Bar!