Android 3.2 SDK

Google has made the Honeycomb 3.2 SDK component available for download, as well as an update to the SDK tools, the compatibility package and a new release of the Android NDK.  These tools help developers create new apps using features introduced with the 3.2 update, including optimizations for more tablet types, compatibility zoom for apps that are fixed size, media sync from SD card support, and an extended API for managing screen size (including 720p televisions and similar devices).

The details are all at the Android Developer site, and the updates can be downloaded from within the SDK.  Google seems to be stepping up for Honeycomb development, and we're sure more great apps will follow.

Source: Android Developers

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Jwtiyar says:

when i got google tv before a week , the 3.2 also was available on SDk .


plunder says:

Jerry. What do you think this means in terms of Ice Cream. Will it be an evolution of Honeycomb for phones, or something different again? I read the compatibility zoom post, but remain confused.

icyitscold says:

I was playing around with version 3.2 of the SDK about a month ago. This is old old news. Just saying...

dacp283 says:

And we dont care that you have been playing with it for a month....just saying....tool