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Default KeyboardOne of my favorite things about Android is that there are tons of options for keyboards, lots of different styles, skins and colors that can be selected, and changing them on the go is extremely easy. The stock Android keyboard is not for everyone, and many of us like using other options like Swype, Smart Keyboard Pro, Thumb Keyboard or one of the many others that are available, and setting them to be your default keyboard is rather easy.

  1. Download and install new keyboard
  2. Go to Settings then scroll to Languages and keyboard
  3. Ensure that check mark is next to name of new keyboard
  4. Go to a text entry field (email, SMS, etc)
  5. Long press in empty compose space, select Input Method
  6. Select keyboard that you wish to use

It's just that simple. You can change them at any time, even in the middle of a message if you wish!

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Android 101: How to set default keyboard


Its surprisingly funny how a majority of my friends that have android phones just settle with whatever kb they have on there because they don't know how to change it. Haha

It just goes to show you how little it matters.

Most people do just fine with the stock keyboards on their phone. I've got stock spark plugs in my car too. I bet you'd find people posting "Haha" about that over on the Honda forums.

Awesome reply lol... I thought the first one was a bit snooty and your reply simply owned the poster. I too get a little tired of people that think they are smarter than others and giggle about it..

Oh thank you thank you thank you! Somehow my LG Optimus T decided I want to use the bloody awful Swype keyboard, and not the default Android keyboard. Although this is my second Android phone, it's the first time I've run into this problem - which wouldn't have been a problem if I could just uninstall Swype, but no-o-o-o it's on there whether I want it or not. I think the technical term for that is bloatware. I call it no freedom of choice.

I have swype and ive been trying to change it.. I went in my settings but I dont have an option to select one. I have a metro pcs android phone. Please help!!!

I've been trying to change my keyboard for a while on android, but for some reason my phone won't let me, when ever i check the new downloaded keyboard application, i have to reset my phone in order to actually select the new keyboard, and when ever i try and change the input method it instantly deselects my selection and turns back to swype, it really pisses me off, and i really want to change my keyboard because i feel swype is quite annoying

I have two imput methods installed. only the currently selected as default ever shows up. the long press edit field does NOT show the select input menu. How do you enable the menu popup selection of input method for a text field?

The only thing that happens when I long-press on a text field is it pops up a button to Paste text. I can't seem to get any keyboard to be default. It always reverts to the LG keyboard. This is really frustrating. I have a Metro PCS (T-Mobile) LG Optimus L9.

I'm sorry but I don't see it's that easy. I installed this app to be different and there a lot of stuff on this app I really don't understand and am having a hard time finding some help.

Great little tutorial, but my problem is that the "Choose input method" alert keeps popping up. I have Google for voicerec, LastPass to fill ballons & logins and SwiftKey with 3 languages for my keyboard, but every couple of hours (probably when I use a new app or go to a new URL I get the "Setup input methods". It works just fine, but I have to go back to settings and bounce out (without changing anything) for the alert to go away...for a few hours.