Luke Wilson AT&T commercial

Seriously, AT&T, it's time to give it a rest. You're getting as bad as Apple with these "facts." Woman looks at a Motorola Droid and says, "What is this?" Why, it's the Motorola Droid. It's what's propelling Android's numbers month after month. "Where are all my apps?" another woman asks. You're right, lady. It's real tough to find Android apps. Stop it. Just stop it. [via The iPhone Blog]


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And yet another weak punch at Verizon by its old nemesis, AT&T


Really? Really?? God man....At&t has always sucked. This is the final nail in the coffin. Even if they were to get some amazing Android phone that I just HAD to have, I would never switch and sell 24 months of my pay to a bunch of arrogant twats.

Wait, AT&T is going to be selling Android phones. Isn't this commercial advertising NOT to buy an Android phone? Umm .. hello? Anybody home at AT&T? You're advertising against yourselves here!

Sprint's coverage is actually a little better than Verizon. They don't advertise it, but all Sprint customers can roam for free on the Verizon network. So you have Sprint coverage overlapping Verizon's towers for the best coverage in the US.

What Sprint won't tell you is that if you are roaming on Verizon's network for 50% or more of the time, they have the right to terminate your service. This happened to a friend of mine with no warning whatsoever.

With experience on both AT&T and Verizon, I can say that AT&T deserves all the shit they're getting. The only complaint I have about Verizon is their prices are anywhere from $20-$50 more than other providers, but that's somewhat justified because they actually have a good network. Take the hint, AT&T, do something and fix your shitty network.

On a side note, Sprint's prices are generally better for less than Verizon and as far as I know their coverage is pretty close to the same.

I was with Cingular as they were becoming ATT. I had to leave as the service was shall I saaaaaay: CRAPPY?

What ATT is actually saying here is: We rock because we have the iPhone and you don't. Fine. True enough. They do.

What Verizon is saying is: You may have the iPhone but your service stinks and ours is superior.

They both are right. My choice? Service. I need to actually TALK on my smartphone. HEH.

AT&T only has ONE worthwhile "smartphone"

Verizon has the Droid, Eris and will soon have the Nexus One, as well as having the Palm Pre and Pixi Plus models.

These commercials are absolutely terrible.

Poor Luke Wilson. He is getting caught in the middle of something that will stain him for years to come...Wrong side or not, what is he doing telling us which carrier has the "best 3g experience" using some of the weakest arguments (browse and talk at the same time, "most popular smart-phones" by i-phone sales, # of people who live in big city 3G area)?? His film days must be growing short or he is making a run at sitcom TV. It's too bad, really, since he was awesome in Oldschool.

AT&T got their ass handed to them with "there's a map for that" commercials. To me all these Luke Wilson commercials have seem to have been an overreaction, which implies there's truth to the Verizon ones. Sometimes the best response is no response.

I can't stand advertising that involves putting down your competition. Verizon commercials advertise their own products, features, and services. All ATT does is attack Verizon.

Microsoft advertises Windows and lists things that it can do. All Apple does is try to convince people their product is better than Windows.

Companies should advertise their own product, and let the consumers decide which is best. These "put down the competition" commercials by certain companies just come off as immature and douche-y. The companies that just let their products and services speak for themselves show a little more class, in my opinion.

Your Droid can talk and web surf simultaneously. Connect via wifi and have at it. I've done it with my Droid and it works! Trust me! Sorry AT&Tizzle... u lose again.

Well, to be fair... the one about Talking/Web Surfing is right (as of this post). I can't wait for my Droid to match that.

ATT would do something ridiculous like just randomly take away someone's phone. Their weak coverage basically makes iPhones useless half the time. Oh wait, hasn't Apple already done that with Apps? Pull them from the store?

At least they aren't amazon, pulling books OFF of people's Kindles.

They should have have someone in the commercial saying "I can't believe I have a signal". Maybe show some of them actually having a conversation without it dropping. If the iPad takes off that network is REALLY going to be dead.

I love the part about them suddenly switching their phones then the woman asking were her apps are. Well of course they are not there silly rabbit, its a new phone and you have to go to the market and d/l some. Even the noobs know that much!!!!

Awww, AT&T is scared. You know you suck when you have to keep airing negative advertisements about your competitors.

I personally love that they keep claiming to have the fastest 3G network. That's like saying "we have the fastest freeway in America, but 90% of it is covered in potholes."

To be fair Verizon attacks them all the time too, but at least they can claim better service and be truthful, while only thing ATT has against them is that they dont have no iphone and how you can browse and talk at the same time. If verizon ever gets the crappy iphone, ATT wont last long. Maybe they could make a good living off the ETFs for awhile...

Very true, Verizon isn't without fault but at least they can back up they're claims with good service. I know too many people move to AT&T just so they can have an iphone but they all gripe about the service. Plus I work with veteran Telecom guys that have worked with AT&T for years and nearly all would rather use can's and a string then sign on with AT&T. I'll take the service with the "slow" 3G that works please.

I don't know exactly what everyone is talking about when they say you can't talk and surf the web at the same time. Just last night I was on the phone with my friend and I put him on speaker, hit the back button, then the browser icon, then I navigated to Facebook, then I searched for a friend, browsed her page, and all the while was talking to my friend on speakerphone...

Let me tell you a quick and true story. I had AT&T service with my iPhone, simply because they have the iPhone. Now, I live in New York and I used my iPhone for personal and business reasons. The catch is, I couldn't use my phone for personal and business reasons because my damn iPhone kept saying "searching" on the top left side my of my screen. I called AT&T more than my girlfriend during those times and complained as if I was her. They gave me different reasons (ex: shutting your iPhone on and off every night)and even lied to me about how their network was down in my area when at the time, I was at a different zip code. My point, I am now a proud owner of the Moto DROID with Verizon and I am loving every minute of it. Suck my hairy balls AT&T!

This man's hairy balls do not lie!

My room mate has an iPhone and he is pretty much a fanboy, die hard fanboy yet he just gave it up because AT&T's service is that bad. His data speeds were okay, when they worked, but literally like it was a 50/50 shot that it would give an error instead of actually working. Oh and he dropped calls like hot potatoes.

The truth is, all networks have weak spots and there is no perfect network, but consistently I've found, through experience and use, that Verizon has been a better fit for me as AT&T has never been reliable where I've lived. Maybe the iPhone is a better phone than the Droid (but really that depends on the feature set you need) but hands down a Droid/Verizon network experience is much better than any phone AT&T has. Hairy balls don't lie.

Sprint: Pro- great call quality and price. Con- horrible customer service, Palm Pre
Verizon: Pro- Best coverage, call quality. Con- Price
ATT: Pro- iPhone... thats about it. Con: Horrible customer service, call quality and dropped calls
T-Mobile: Pro- price awesome phones and variety. Con- Coverage is hit or miss.

I'm with Sprint, and since I got them to swap the Pre for the Hero, I'm very happy. The downside was how many calls I had to make before they let me switch. I went through 4 phones and with the 5th phone added, I finally talked to someone about switching to another phone and spoke with a manager. When you get someone willing to help you on Sprint, it can be a good experience, but I've met a lot of rude people working for them as well.

I had Verizon before and their service, speed and customer service (only 1 problem in 2 years, but they fixed it). I left because Sprint was WAYYYY cheaper.

I had ATT before Verizon. I honestly couldn't wait for the day my 2 years were up. I had no service, none. I didn't have a home phone, so that wasn't acceptable. Customer service was terrible as well.

I had Nextel Prior to ATT, and it wasn't part of Sprint yet. It was alright, I liked the fact that it ran off of analog, which saved me when I got stuck in the middle of Alligator Alley and was able to call AAA. No real complaints.

My sister has T-Mo and loves it. However, she has dropped calls all the time on her commute to work because she hits a dead spot. Not what I call acceptable since she lives in a Metropolitan area. Their phones and pricing are attractive, but I don't know too much about their customer service. Seems good since they gave them loyalty pricing without telling them. She's so tempted to get the N1.

Theres my breakdown of my experiences with the Carriers. Its because of this I would love to stick with CDMA as the call quality is unsurpassed. The data speeds are the fastest real world tests I've ever seen. I tethered my Hero to test the network and I got near 2Mb/s which is very fast for 3G. At the end of the day, it comes down to who is best for you. If you have to have an iPhone and don't feel like hacking one, then you're stuck with ATT. But I don't see why anyone would deal with them. Since when has Rollover been useful?

Well you pretty much nailed down a good summary of all the carriers.

However I disagree about the Pre being a con, it has it's weaknesses but its in it's infancy and I think will eventually be a strong player. I had one myself, early adopter, I gave up on it because of it's current shortcomings but it's getting stronger everyday. Battery life, performance, 3D games, all getting advanced every month and I'm sure by next year webOS will be a lot stronger. Remember Android was pure crap the first year it came out, only recently has it become a real player. So give webOS a chance, it may surprise you.

i agree with most everything. all but the con for the pre.. i used to buy a new phone every 3-4 months because they ether couldn't do what i wanted or a new shiner phone came out. i have yet to get andriod and am looking to get one in the future when i find one i like the looks of and does everything i want on sprint. however i have the pre now and it does everything i want. yeah it has its shortcomings but palms seems to be working out the kinks.

Personally I like to see AT&T make a commercial making fun of Verizon's $30 data charges on flip phones. They could get a lot of mileage out of that.

All this money spend on stupid commercial should be use to fix their 3g Network in San Francisco.

AT&T have perfected the art of Trolling......seriously. If you don't know what that means just google it

Verizon customer since 1998

They're both dumb, Verizon's beating a dead horse airing 50 extremely stupid commercials with maps saying "we have 3G broadband EVERYWHERE!!!" even in areas where broadband doesn't exist. My area and everywhere in a 30 mile radius shows all red 3G on their map, but yet it takes 20 minutes to watch a 45 second youtube vid, that is NOT broadband...

And AT&T is on the right track by trying to fight back but are doing a terrible job at it. Now that they have entered this silly ad war they should really step up their game and make better commercials because they're just making asses out of themselves. I'll give them a little credit though, at least their map admits that their 3G broadband coverage doesn't blanket the entire United States.

Grow up kiddies. If you can't take a girly shot across the chin from lil ol AT&T without crying about it, then maybe you have bigger things to worry finding your balls.

Yeah, we all know the iPhone has hundreds of thousands of apps. Most of them - the vast majority - are crap. I've found that, when it comes to productivity and such, I have all the same basic apps that my iPhone friends have. I have several they don't because the Android is open source. And they have some that I don't because the iPhone has been around longer. And they have more games. I don't really care about the games.

My early 20s co-workers with iPhones love playing a game where they throw a wad of paper trash into a trash can on their phone. I'm 40. I'll throw a real piece of paper into a real trash can. It's more fun. And it helps create jobs in the paper production industry.

Wow...AT&T just keeps hitting a new low every time. I can't believe there was a day when I liked them?

A better 3G experience huh? I'd like to see them try and explain to me why my Droid on EDGE with 1 or 2 bars is still faster with phone calls than my previous iPhone was with 3G at 3 or 4 bars.

At least when Verizon made their commercial, they stuck with one formula (we have a map for that) and just ran with. Cause its f**king true. At&t is nitpicking at everything they can to make themselves feel better. F**k em... They know they are inferior, they should just quit while they can.

I also love how they make it sound like everyone on AT&T will have access to ALL the apps the iPhone can have. Not everyone will get an iPhone a**holes.

All ATT needs to do is ask their employes what phone they carry cus its not an iphone or even an ATT phone but droids yep after they saw mine they came out of hiding,but the reason I was in the store was I had bought a ATT modem from them to try for 30 days but could not keep, 3g kept falling back to edge so I took it back after 20 days they screwed up the account and in the end it cost me 120 bucks... 30 dollars restocking fee pro-rate for 20 days(amount of time I had it) and the activation fee. Yes this is in the contract(i did not read) but I learned my lesson they have not changed any from being cingular and we are about to drop them at the business I work for, they really need to open their eyes and quit thinking the iPhone will always carry them.

Thats probably the reason for all these non-sense adds. Try to hook as many people into 2 years before the iPhone comes off their network. Make shit up, and fight the map coverage. Sure its nice to know 98% of Americans will have useless network coverage at their home, but what about when they go on a trip? I was out in Arizona on an Indian Reservation and my roomie went out and got an iPhone since they had service there. They shut her service off two days later because she had been using too much roaming data and threatened to cancel her entire contract (not waiving the ETF). We had no other form of communication (Sprint had no service for 150 miles, Verizon had service 20 miles away, but none there, T-mobile had a contract conflict with the local provider CellularOne, so they were blocked, too). You were pretty much stuck with ATT or nothing. I chose nothing. It was peaceful.

These commercials really are hilarious.

Luke Wilson has that look like, "I don't care guys, its a paycheck"

AT&T seems like they are just flailing with these ads.. they annoy me everytime they come on TV

So they are openly bashing Motorola and the android platform, all the while Motorola is dumping tons of money into super bowl ads to try to hype the backflip.. ATT&T's first android phone.... Its ok Moto.. I love my Droid and you can take the knife out of your back now...

Someday when Android is the OS of choice, your grandkids will be taking potshots at it, Att is just the one too hate now, there always has to be some one to hate, right? First it was IBM, then, Microsoft, Now Apple and Att, who is next on the list, some one tell me, so i know who to hate next...

Okay this is just going too far. AT&T has taken more than their share of swings at Verizon. And you want to talk about falsifying facts!! Verizon's data speeds are fast and it doesn't take forever to load things like AT&T says. Plus, the Droid is not boring!! Oh my gosh this is disgusting, now I want Verizon to sue AT&T for defamation, libel and false advertising!

I have never seen such a fanboy comments like all these Verizon ones, and people call Apples users fanboys. It is amazing how you are all brain washed about how great Verizon is. If the data hungry iPhone would have been on Verizon, you would all be singing the praises of AT&T's network. Yet you ignore several independent tests that show "The Network" is number 2. Verizon has 3G in more places, that's great if you want data in the middle of no where.

ummm.....ok i have seen THOUSANDS of people in forums saying "God i loved my iphone but i had to switch back to verizon or I'm sick of this terrible coverage....even BEFORE the droid came out and the people switching back had a choice of blackberry or dumbphone only. But the service was THAT bad that even without any good phones to choose they switched back.

now tell me where, ANYWHERE, have you heard someone cry out (I am sick of verizon i cant call and web at same time? or download something 1 second faster? I am switching to amazing AT&T 3G experience, which is so great even though half the time i wont be able to use it.

so? am i wrong? has anyone seen more people complain about verizons "3G experience" than AT&Ts network? i highly doubt it.

I have been with AT&T for... how long was that, about 7 years?

My first phone had AT&T mark on the phone. But later when I upgraded (~2 years later), it's been changed to Cingular.

One more upgrade (2 years later) and it's changed back to AT&T.

My last contract expired on last April, and changed to Verizon alst Nov, but I really like Verizon.

I experienced call drops and "SIM registration failed" error occasionally, but now I am free from all of them.

Am I brainwashed by Verizon?

Well, that might be true. I am too much BRAINWASHED, so I am now thinking having call drop is a bad thing.

Ive had an iphone since day one. I switched my iphone 3GS for the droid and dropped at&t. I live in phoenix az and when I cant get a decent signal or use any data in the middle of downtown, or anywhere else in phoenix, but I can if I drive 30 to 40 miles to the middle of nowhere. Thats a little disturbing to me. Now that I am on big reds network, I have had zero issues with coverage, both in town and middle of nowhere.

i had mym Phone fo 3 weeks... i culdnt deal with At&t's CRAPPY service and HIGH PRICEs


i had my iPhone for 3 weeks... i couldn't deal with At&t CRAPPY service and HIGH PRICEs

..... although VERIzON has HIGH PRICES there SERVICE WORKS

at&t needs to just give up on the whole ad campaign that tries to discredit verizon. Verizon's commercials merely state that they have more coverage (which of course they should, they bought freakin alltel <-- awesome by the way). If you look back Alltel were the bad boys that had the authority to poke fun at all the other big networks because they really were the best.

It also doesn't hurt that Verizon uses CDMA (3G generation towers). Why do you think at&t has decided to leave GSM in the past and develop a LTE (WCDMA) Network in 2011. Unfortunately that won't compare to Verizon's CDMA2000 network that will be up and running by this summer to match the release of the iphone 4G. I'm no fan of the iphone, but if it encourages verizon to get their 4G up and running, i'll support it.

Verizon- Coverage king w/ high prices
Sprint- overall good quality
t-mobile- speed king (thats right, t-mobile is faster than at&t)
at&t- the only big U.S. carrier that is to afraid to show a 3G coverage map on their website.

Go look, at&t disguises their 3G coverage map as "mobile tv coverage"

I'm confused by you. Verizon is dropping CDMA and using LTE, they state it right on their website. (

Not just you, but has anyone compared prices lately? Verizon and AT&T are neck to neck on prices. There are a couple differences in the 'extras' department, but the plans are identical which is what matters.

And that's what you all deserve for watching so much TV. Didn't your grumpy ass grandpa ever tell you TV rots your brain?

What I think everyone needs to realize with the AT&T vs. Verizon coverage TV ad debate is that it's really about 3G DATA coverage for smartphones. It's not about regular voice coverage. When it comes to that, AT&T and Verizon are pretty much equal. If you have a regular Non-3G voice & texting phone, either provider will do well in pretty much any market in the country. (not saying you shouldn't check maps first) Where the real difference comes in is the volume, quality, and reliability of 3G Data coverage for the more popular and advanced smartphones. I think comparing maps proves that Verizon wins that fight currently. Also all the cries of iPhone users to AT&T proves there is a problem with their 3G data infrastructure. They should have made sure their network could handle it before they took on the iPhone. And Apple should have communicated better the data-hogging downfalls of the iPhone to AT&T.

They will get even worse once iPad is released.

iPad uses the same 3G network, but it's not meant to replace the iPhone. So just more traffic on AT&T's already full network.

I don't know whether iPad will be good or not, but one thing sure is some people will buy that. Since iPad is 3G only, I wonder whether they will get any good experience with AT&T's 3G line.

Anyone want to help me make a commercial for VZW to really show the truth between the two companies?

I wanna make my own commercial that is full of actual facts and side by side comparisons. Quit bit**Ing and if u can't handle that ur network sucks........make it better and quit hiding behind Luke Wilsonm I used to like him

Why take jabs at Verizon when the things you are talking about you can't even do because of your horrible service? Makes no sense. But I have noticed that AT&T not once shows what there map looks like in any of there commercials. They have rollover minutes too. Who cares? If you don't have service obviously you are going to have leftover minutes. AT&T - just stop now, you are making yourself look worse with every commercial made.

Ive been on both Verizon and AT&T's networks. Blackberry Storm 1&2 for Verizon and Iphone on At&t. As far as the calls are concerned Its given to verizon hands down. But as far as data speed it belongs to At&t. Do I have dropped calls with At&t? Yes!!! Did I with Verizon? Yes sometimes. Verizon will not be analog forever so lets not forget that. At&t's network cant be doing to bad considering the fact that the millions of users they have is what is causing the problems with there network. Were they ready for the iphone? We all know the answer to that. But what makes you think Verizon wouldnt have the same problems At&t has if they had the Iphone. Yea Verizon has the Droid but who is fighting over the Droid? Verizon has its good with its bad just like At&t and Verizon will need more sells and more data usage if they wanna play ball with At&t. LTE for Verizon is coming and and people will attack verizon for the problems they are gonna have or the problems they dont. When Verizon comes close to the sells that At&t got for the Iphone (Which by the way is why At&t is in the shape their in) with the Droid or any other smartphone, you will plainly see Verizon with the same problems. At&t wasnt ready for that type of usage on their networks. You must also take into consideration that At&t also has landline phones, dsl, tv and the data usage that is being pulled from there network along with cell phone usage. Verizon offers Fios Tv and Are partners with Direct Tv but they are not pulling that usage from there networks. Verizon also offers Broadband Internet which is limited to 5GB a month of usage other then the data being pulled from cellular devices. So there is a big difference in the two.

A) This argument is bound to turn into fanboyism. B) You people clearly must not have jailbroken your iPhone if you thought it sucked. I'm not comparing it to any standard here; certainly, some platforms are better suited to certain situations. However, to say the iPhone sucks is the same lame-ass fanboyism Linux users spouted for years about Windows. Okay, so you have preferences that lead you to the Android OS. But to bash other platforms with no merit is just childish.

verizon sucks to exspensive and crappy phones that break 4 times a year . And all they do is talk shit to other carreirs