Droid RAZR winner

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Congrats! And thanks to everyone for entering!


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And the winner of the Droid RAZR is ...


Congrats Bokajay!

Did anyone notice that the FLIGHT PLAN puzzle says departure time is 1410z and then on the recording it said "convoy loaded transport aircraft at 1400 hours"? For clue 3 this was important. It wanted to know the time of day the convoy boarded the transport aircraft. digit 1 in the code. i can't believe one adds to 6 and one adds to 5.

Looks like another slip up to me on Verizon's part. "Departure" does not equal "boarded", but "loading" is definately a synonym.

Last Clue: The last digit in Kevlar's molecular formula

Answer: [-CO-C6H4-CO-NH-C6H4-NH-]n

How is the last digit not 4???

Yea, I agree. It is technically incorrect. C14H10N2O2 is where the 2 came from, but this is something called the empirical formula. The molecular formula is the one you listed, however, in that case, I would imagine the last digit would be 1, because technically each element is followed by a 1 if no number is listed. come on Verizon...step your game up!

with so many mistakes in this contest I seriously think smartphone experts needs to hire professionals to create these contests.

Darn, I would just cover the safe in liquid nitrogen or helium and then use a sledgehammer to literally "crack" the safe.