Amazon's Fire Phone gets the teardown treatment

It looks like iFixIt had gotten their hands on Amazon's Fire Phone, and the outfit subjected the phone to its usual teardown treatment. Opening the phone would activate a tab that reveals that the phone has been opened, thus signaling to Amazon that your warranty is void if you attempt this at home.

The phone is held together by a few screws and inside there is an adhesive treatment to hold some of the parts together. The team found that all the cables and connectors made repairing difficulty. Additionally, glue also makes repairing a chore.

Overall, the phone got a repairability scale of a 3 out of 10, placing it at the low end of being repairable. The takeaway? Let's just hope you don't drop, break, or damage your Fire Phone.

Are you buying a Fire Phone? Let us know in the comments if you are and what you think.

Source: iFixIt


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Amazon's Fire Phone gets the teardown treatment


How to share pics on the FirePhone:

1. Hold phone in landscape orientation and (tap), your soon to be ex-friend's shoulder.

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To answer your question, nobody I know even knows that this phone is in existence. I'm sure that Amazon employees were forced (or paid) to "try it out" and I'm sure its the center of breakroom laughter...

Wal-Mart Family Mobile and Straight Talk (Walmart branded tracfone) already exist. All phones on there are Wal-Mart phones

Target also has their own service BrightSpot Mobile

$126 million dollar loss this quarter. Fire sale on fire phones next quarter. Free phone with prime subscription after that.

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More Amazon total crap. How long can a company survive that loses 2 million a day? Answer. Not much longer

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I wonder what will/has sold better, the fire phone, or all those exclusive Facebook phones ATT has tried unsuccessfully to sell multiple times over the years.
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I think that the fact is people are buying the device and had Amazon not chosen to close the device they would keep buying it. What will kill sales long term is its closed operating system and proprietary warranty rules. And I am sory so my work:

this phone is absolute garbage. more proof of corporate greed. your company is a retail store that sells items, not build cellphones. you waste all those resources into thinking you can compete in a market against iphones and androids? what goes on in the minds of these executives and who gives the green light for such nonsense projects. if kentucky fried chicken (or yum brands actually) came out and said hey, where building cars now, would anyone ever buy one? yes, the dumb poor masses will bc theyll think their car will always smell like fried chicken and that theyre owed discounts from any kfc they visit. corporate greed is beyond disgusting

Please stop with the corporate greed crap. Free markets sort that out without any BS propaganda . Don't believe me? See how much money Amazon just lost? Case closed.

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Most smartphone buyers keep their phones for an average of 6 months before moving on to the next big thing. A large percentage consider themselves early adopters of all things geekatronic. Regardless of whether or not Amazon has made some mistakes in their build up to, and subsequent release of, the Fire phone, the fact is people are buying the device and had Amazon not chosen to close the device they would keep buying it. What will kill sales long term is its closed operating system and proprietary warranty rules. Sideload Chrome and the Warranty is gone forever. The Laws are changing now that keep us from buying unlocked phones and Amazon doubling down with this New Entry into the proprietary Smartphone world is what will kill it. People want a tool they can use. Period. Being told they can't use the software they want or play the game they want on a tool they paid $700 for will not only kill long term sales but hurt Amazons reputation in the marketplace. This fact alone could be what Bankrupts Amazon. What I want to know is will they wake up in time and realize they have misjudged their customers?