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Save over 10% off Google Play's price, with free Prime shipping as well

Right as the holiday shopping season is picking up, Amazon is cutting the price of the latest Nexus 7 by $30. You can now pick up the Nexus 7 (2013) 16GB for that magical price point of $199, or if you'd still like to spring for the larger storage version just $239.

A 10 percent savings is nothing to scoff at, and if you're an Amazon Prime member you'll be able to pick it up with free shipping to boot. If you've been looking for a great deal on the Nexus 7 that doesn't require you to even put pants on to go pick up, now's the time to snag one from Amazon.

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Amazon offering Nexus 7 (2013) for $199, conveniently timed for holiday shopping


I just bought one from staples with that 50 off coupon, hopefully they'll price match and let me reuse the coupon!

I bought mine less then a week ago also from staples using the 50$ off....

How do Staples coupons and rebates contribute to the Staples price?

All coupons and rebates (including Easy Rebates, instant rebates or savings, and Staples or manufacturer mail–in rebates) are deducted from the price of the Staples product when calculating a price match.

I just got back from staples, they said the same thing and it rang up for the same price I paid originally :( was worth a shot!

Same here! Glad I got it when I did. Let's just hope it doesn't go down to $150 or lower later on with high availability.

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16gb for a tablet what a joke.

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$40 difference? Considerably better than what their competitors are doing. Why would anyone buy the the 16gb version if they were the same price?

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Exactly, that's part of the scam as far as I'm concerned, they're functionally very different storage wise, but cost wise they are almost identical in the grand scheme of things. Until some company decides they don't want to make tons better margins on the higher storage version (which will never happen) this is how it will be because they can get away with it. On the flip side of things it could be that they're breaking even (or losing) on the 16 GB version and the 25% increase in price on the 32 GB (from a 1-2% increase in cost) is where they make money. This is a likely scenario for Google considering their main goal is to get devices in peoples hands to drive profits/sales elsewhere.

Lol I have a 32gb tablet, talk about a waste of money. The only thing I store on it are apps, everything else I stream. I will always choose the cheaper model with less storage when choosing a tablet.

Games and Videos are the biggest space taker for me(3.85GB free on my 32GB), if you don't have much of either then you won't need the 32GB version.

Exactly why I purchased the 32. Lots of big games will be loaded onto it. And I'll be able to free up space on my N4. Which is almost out of space.

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I just ordered the 32Gb. I've been using the original 8Gb Nexus 7 since it was first released, and have had to regularly purge programs and data over space issues.

Time will tell if it's overkill, but I've been living long enough with the downsides of insufficient storage.

Not everyone needs that much space. I only use about 3GB on mine. And if I wanted more to store movies and stuff that I don’t use all that often, I use a flash drive and a USB otg cable.

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And an app that isn't on the device when you buy it. Also, you can't buy the cable in a store.
(The one I got from Amazon didn't work)

Why doesn't the Surface tablet need an OTG cable?

I actually splurged for the 32GB N5 but NOT for the Nexus 7, went with 16GB N7 2013... USB OTG or Meenova's micro SD reader are much more reasonable substitutes for internal storage on a tablet, not so much on my phone where hooking up something to it isn't always practical.

Plus the savings on tax makes it well worth going through Amazon

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I just bought a Nexus 7 from Amazon 5 days ago for the original price. Called them up and they are refunding me the difference. This is the reason I buy from Amazon. Great customer service.

I didn't think they would do a price guarantee if the price was lowered? Paid $259 for one yesterday. Trying to cancel that order and bought one at $239 today.

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I didn't know if they would either. I just thought I might as well try. Spoke to a customer rep and they will honor the lowered price for 7 days. Refunding the difference back to my bank account.

I have had many great customer service experiences with amazon over the years which is one of the reasons I buy almost everything on amazon.

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Their official policy is actually that they won't do this, and if you go thru chat they'll often shoot you down... Phone reps still do it all the time though.

Glad it's you writing, if Alex had said "doesn't require you to even put pants on," it would've been TMI overload.

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I just got my Nexus 7 for $175 after tax & shipping "like new" through amazon warehouse. It was pretty much brand new, and even in original packaging. Will use it for reading purposes.

Should I buy this tablet to replace my old original Galaxy Tab 10.1? I have a smartphone and laptop and enough money left over to buy it but not sure if I should. Help!

Yup best buy is selling the nexus 7 at the same price just saw the updated prices at our local store :D

I love my nexus 7. Been good to me. Long road trips and a daughter obsessed with Dora the Explorer so many movies downloaded. I make good use of 32gb

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Too bad Google does not give you updates in a timely manner. My 2012 Nexus 7 is still stuck on 4.3

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