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It has been rumored for a while now that Google would launch a cloud-based music service; well, it appears Amazon got there first.

Amazon has just quietly launched one of its biggest products yet, called Amazon Cloud Player. It provides users with cloud storage of their music, which will then play on any computer or Android device. 

To enable the service, go to to get started. You'll have to enable it on your Amazon account and then update your Amazon Mp3 app, which will enable streaming of all music located on your new Amazon storage. 

Amazon is currently providing users with 5GB of free storage with the ability to buy additional storage:

  • 20GB - $20/year
  • 50GB - $50/year
  • 100GB - $100/year
  • 200GB - $200/year
  • 500GB - $500/year
  • 1000GB - $1000/year

This is a big one folks. It's a developing story, so stay tuned for any more details. If you don't have the Amazon MP3 app, look for the link after the break.

Update: Digging through the FAQ on Amazon's site, we came across this interesting tidbit:

Do my Amazon MP3 Purchases count against my storage quota?

Any Amazon MP3 purchases that you elect to store on your Cloud Drive at the time of purchase do not count against your storage quota. You can see all the MP3 tracks that are not counted against your storage quota in the Your Amazon MP3 Purchases list.

Previous Amazon MP3 purchases that you manually upload to your Cloud Drive are counted against your storage quota.

More great news as long as you buy from the Amazon MP3 store, you won't be charged storage space.[Amazon]


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Amazon launches Cloud Music Player and Storage, works on any computer or Android device [updated]


Allow me to answer your questions:

It allows you to upload ANY MP3 files on your computer. It doesn't pull them from your past Amazon purchases (which, personally, I would like). It scans your computer's music storage location and then gives you the option to upload all of it, or to manually upload directories.

Besides being stuck in the Amazon MP3 app, it's wonderful. You can stream the music or (the big surprise!), you may DOWNLOAD THE ALBUMS FROM THE CLOUD DRIVE!

Awesometown, Amazon. Awesometown.

Probably because that would be really easy to hack by just creating mp3s with just the id3 tags of the songs we want? I suppose the "scanner" you are talking about could analyze the songs like shazam, but that's not 100% accurate and hard to do...

I'm sure Amazon has a record of the mp3's I bought from their store. If they know that account purchased a mp3, why not let us link it straight into the cloud storage instead of re-uploading it?
The fact that Amazon's mp3 store only lets you download the mp3 once (and this related re-upload thing) is the only issue I have with their store. That, and I'm not convinced the price is low enough per song/album. ;-)

Edit: After using this, I think the storing to Amazon's cloud would enable you to download the mp3 whenever you need to. So, maybe this is actually a fix for my complaint? Just store to the cloud when you purchase and download whenever you need an offline copy. Sounds good to me.

Why do we have to upload our music? Why can't they scan our collection and allow us to stream from their libraries? This is really wasteful and dumb.

Yeah, this would be awesome...except I just uploaded 3 songs to test it out, then installed the Amazon MP3 app. Signed in, and this is what I see:

"Not seeing your Cloud Drive Music? You must first register for an account by:

Registering at from your computer

Purchasing any song or album from the Amazon MP3 store."

Really? So I can't use your "free" 5GB of service unless I spend money at your site? FU Amazon, FU.

It did the same for me the first time. Go into Settings, sign out, then sign back in and it should be fixed. Shouldn't have to do it again.
Try exiting the app, re-launching it. Signing out/in again. Refreshing Cloud Drive. Sorry this is happening to you, Amazon's servers must be going nuts.

Works fine here. Pretty sure that should be or, you need to create an account OR by purchasing a song.

Never bought a single thing from them, just made an account and was able to use it.. Even if you had to spend money most companies don't give any something for nothing...

Says its gonna take 8 hours to upload my songs??? Really I only got about 1.5 gigs and a fast connection w/my laptop..

My first upload was quick of 1.6 gigs, but my second upload of .5 gigs is taking twice as a lot of people uploading right now.

1,001.6 MB estimated in 44 minutes. (43 songs done and 30 minutes remaining).

Did you download and install the desktop client?

Google seems to be dropping the ball on a lot of fronts in Android. First, Amazon's appstore seems to offer better experience to the users by having daily offers and now, cloud music storage for android users. Google really needs to pick up its act and try to advance the platform rather than waiting for third parties to beat them to the punch. After investing so much time and resources into Android, it would be a shame to see Google not get at least some benefit from the platform.

Interesting to see that Amazon hasn't made this cloud service available to iOS devices.

Not sure why everyone's so excited... Just because it's Amazon? There's other free services that allow you to stream from your desktop with no capacity limits. I guess this is a nice cloud-based alternative but it doesn't seem like a very big deal to me given the prices, they're fair though.

Personally I'd rather buy a 32GB card than pay for either of the first two tiers of service... I'm sure those with huge collections will love this though. I don't think I have 50gb even amongst my FLAC rips of about two hundred CDs tho.

This article try to make it like Amazon is a first, but Ubuntu has been doing this for over a year with the Ubuntu One cloud music player. I'm sure Google will one up them both, but since Ubuntu is my music store of choice (if I don't buy the physical CD from amazon), i'll take a pass for now.

"You give us the right to access, retain, use and disclose your account information and Your Files"

Hmmmm not sure I like that lol... I really want to use this service, but I have a mix of iTunes downloaded songs as well as torrented songs and I don't know if this will be safe to use with the illegally downloaded stuff... Opinions?

So far every format I've tried has been uploaded and played without a problem. The only iTunes downloads I can see being a problem are those riddled with DRM

Yes, but you will be upgraded automatically to the $20 plan (and charged) if you do not downgrade yourself before the year is up. It is in the contract.

Not true. I was not upgraded for free to 20 gig until I purchased an album. I received an email stating the free upgrade to 20 gig for one year. It specificially states "This strorage plan is not set to renew automatically and will be reverted back to the free 5 GB plan at the end of the promotion."

I don't think this is a replacement for all those who like to just stream music matches from their existing library. But for those of us who have been using Amazon to purchase music, this is incredible to be able to finally have cloud backup of our purchsed music. Also, Amazon sweetened the deal by not having purchased music count against your size limit. I love this!

Lala was allowing you to stream purchased tracks from anywhere before Apple bought them, over a year ago. RIP Lala This is a nice step up over that, and the free 5GB are certainly another nice perk. Nothing revolutionary imo but a nice evolution of what had been a very stagnant music store. I might actually spring for the 20gb plan after the first year if they make some improvements to the app.

Anyone else notice Amazon will upgrade you to 20GB for free if you purchase an .mp3 album between now and December 31st?

I just bought an album for $2.99 and got the upgrade instantly to my cloud account. Certainly can't complain about that.

Oh crap! So embarrassed to admit it but I did not notice that promotion. I paid the full $20 plus my 99c MP3 purchase. There goes my lunch.

You may still salvage some of that meal. You can receive compensation if you still purchase an album. This is what the email I received said about it,

"If you have already upgraded your Amazon Cloud Drive account to a paid storage plan of 20 GB or higher when you qualified for this offer, this offer has been saved to your account as a $20 credit toward future Amazon Cloud Drive fees you may incur due to the renewal or upgrade of your existing plan. If you elect to downgrade your plan to a free plan at the time of renewal, your upgrade offer will be automatically applied to the 20 GB plan at that time."

Hope that helps you a little.

Google offers cloud storage for storing emails, files, documents and pictures. They even recently added the option upload videos and allow you to stream them.

Presumably Google would use this same storage when they launch their music service. Here is Google's pricing which currently is way better than Amazon.

8 GB (free)
20 GB ($5.00 USD per year)
80 GB ($20.00 USD per year)
200 GB ($50.00 USD per year)
400 GB ($100.00 USD per year)
1 TB ($256.00 USD per year)
2 TB ($512.00 USD per year)
4 TB ($1,024.00 USD per year)
8 TB ($2,048.00 USD per year)
16 TB ($4,096.00 USD per year)

Seriously what is with this US-only bullsh*t?

First they start with their Appstore which will allow anyone around the world to download and install on their device yet won't allow you to download any content even the free content, what a load of crap! Now this?

Getting a bit sick of it all really. I thought Googles checkout was crap not acceptng any of my cards so therefore never being able to pay for apps, then someone else comes along ad won't take my damn money.

Amazon and Google, Sort it out!

You can thank the RIAA and various other media companies for that. They want amazon to pay for a license for each country. Why do you think spotify isn't available in the states? The record companies want a lot of $$.

God forbid we use the wonderful technology to it's full potential.. No.. we need companies to argue on how much they should get paid to stream and download songs that i paid for and bought already.

Uh. Unless it supports flac and you can use your choice of player(foobar2000), this is pretty crappy. Also this is hella expensive.

So funny, I upgraded to the 20 gigs after sampling three songs on my Evo and it will take 58 hours to download 11 gigs of music.

I know, i'm trying to get it on european devices, but i need the apk file cause i've the old one. :) has been streaming cloud hosted music for well over a year now. They have a web browser client along with native Android, iphone applications. They use to be free but now it's $1.99 a month for unlimited mp3 / FLAC storage. Amazon wasn't first, they just have a larger microphone.

I think the point is being missed. I don't think Amazon is declaring they are the first to offer cloud storage of music.

A lot of companies, I use to use Zumodrvie myself, have done this for awhile. Companies like groveshark have done the library search matching for awhile.

The point is, that neither of the two applications I mentioned allow you to "purchase" music through them and keep a copy of it on their server for me to access.

For those of us who use Amazon to purchase music and use an Android phone to listen to our music, this finally gives us an experience like Itune users on Iphones, and Zune users on Windows Phone 7s.

That's why this is a big deal.

Oh, and if they can eventually do the same with video, they will be in the same league with Itunes and Zune. This is really exciting stuff for Android users.

audiogalaxy is not a media store. Being able to upload your music on Amazon cloud is just a plus, not the main function.

Not needing your own PC running 24/7. Not needing to run an app in the background on your PC that consumes resources.

Thanks for the replies guys. Good point about the store. In regards to leaving audio galaxy running, i have my comp on 24/7 for other purposes and have plenty of resources, but i see how this could benefit someone with just a laptop.

Loving this!!!! Already running it and it's running smoothly with no problems. I was waiting not so patiently for Google to come out with their Google Music but Amazon beat them to the punch and may have stolen that piece of business away from them permanently.

I said a long time ago that I didn't see much point to Google having its own music store. Google has never been in the retail business. It's in the eyeballs business. Amazon has had a very nice mp3 store, well integrated into apps like SoundHound and Pandora for a while.

Google should cut a deal with Amazon to preload the Amazon music store into a future release of Android in exchange for allowing unobtrusive Google ads. Maybe they could even pay to bump users up to 7.5G or 10G if they allow Google ads? If they pay a little more, maybe Amazon even lets them put the Google logo on it.

I just see no point to Google Music now. Much like Google Books. It's a cute idea, but not much point to it when there are other alternatives.

noticed if you try to upload music through the cloud player, they want you to install an uploader ... but if you use the cloud drive menu ... you can do it from the browser ... wonder why?

In my brief research, and I could be wrong, :-) , but I believe with the uploader you can download playlists, and that is not possible when you download from the browser.

I uploaded Def Leppard's Vault album that I burned from CD. When I play the music through Amazon, it shows the album art from some band/album I've never seen or recognized even though the music itself is correct. Using Goggles, I found out it is the artwork for the Guster's Ganging Up on the Sun album. On my home computer, it shows the correct Def Leppard art just fine. If Amazon was truly streaming back my file, wouldn't it show the correct album art that I've associated with that file?