Kindle Fire HDX

Prices start at $229 with 'special offers,' $244 without

Amazon's next-generation Kindle Fire HDX has launches today, and the 7-inch tablet is available right now from The new Kindle Fire packs a speedy Snapdragon 800 processor and a 1920x1200-resolution display into a 9mm body weighing 303g, making it highly competitive in terms of specs. And the tablet's pricing is equally so, starting at $229 for 16GB "with special offers" — which means ads on your lock screen. If you want to go ad-free you'll pay $244 for 16GB. Adding $100 to that price gets you either the Verizon or AT&T LTE-capable models; add another $40 for 32GB of storage, or $80 for 64GB.

The tablet is running Amazon's latest Android-based FireOS 3.0 "Mojito" OS, which our own Jerry Hildenbrand found to be fast and responsive in his recent hands-on feature. Obviously this means you'll be tied into Amazon's content ecosystem, as opposed to Google Play — though presumably that's why you're looking at an Amazon tablet to begin with.

For more on the Kindle Fire HDX, check out our hands-on preview. If you're looking to pick one up, you'll find a link down below. Next stop for the 7-inch HDX is the UK on Nov. 13, then Canada on Nov. 26.

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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch now shipping


I still have yet to actually see one of these being used in the wild. Lots of iPads, N7's and large Samsung tablets, but I've never seen a Fire.

I have a hand me down Kindle fire and the issue I have with it is there is no built in GPS. Without the GPS or Nav ability I don't have a lot of desire to take it outside of the house. Its nice to Netflix in bed though.

A couple of my friends have the original Kindle Fire. In my neck of the woods it seems like it's Kindle or iPad. I always have to tell people that my N7 isn't an iPad mini.

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This has been available at my best buy for about 2 weeks already.

Posted via My Galaxy Note 3

No I'm referring to the HDX. Maybe it was just a display model but best buy definitely was showing them as if they were selling them. I played with it for a good 20 minutes.

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How hard is it to remove the ads? Better yet how hard is it to ROM? Will the regular play store work once you flash CM on it?

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We have the Original Kindle Fire (2011) and the 2012 Model. Both get used daily inside and outside the house. Books, games, web surfing, etc. My 8 year old and 17 year love them. My 14 year old has a Nexus 7 (2012). He is more into gadgets like I am and that is the only reason he does not have a Kindle.

The 2012 Kindle has ads, but they are not intrusive (to us).

I'm paying for your product only to have ads from your company appear on my lock screen.

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I have a nexus 10 and love it, but I still ordered a 64 gb kindle fire hdx because I love amazon instant video (I am a prime member and also buy videos from Amazon because some things are just a bit cheaper than on Google play) being able to download free prime videos for my frequent 5 hour bus trips from PA to visit my best friend in the Hudson Valley is so worth a second tablet, (why I went with the 64, for long days with no wifi) if amazon releases an android app for instant video by the time I am ready for a new nexus 10, I would give up having a Kindle fire too, but for now, I love having both, last year I had a 8.9 inch kindle fire hd and a nexus 7, but since I do every thing but read and watch amazon videos on the nexus I switched this year. Was planning to wait for the new nexus 10, but my husband just remembered the name and bought it for me last week for my birthday, I still think this one is pretty cool! So this year I will love my slightly outdated nexus 10 and a 7 inch kindle fire hdx for away from wifi free and discounted media. I also have an online shopping urge and LOVE amazon for that and I read at least 2 books a week.

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