Despite the best efforts of the manufacturer and carrier, the T-Mobile G2 is now completely hardware unlocked.  This goes beyond flashing ROMS and rooting, the phone is now wide open for development, much like the Nexus One, or it's namesake the G1.  The methods aren't for the faint of heart, not even by a longshot, but I'm pretty certain that someone will take the lead and produce a semi-automated method that's fit for the above-average Joe.

In the meantime, it's an awesome read -- if only so you can see what the folks hard at work were up against.  Since I first used one, I have said the T-Mobile G2 is one of the best Android phones made -- there was nothing I didn't like enough to not use it, save the ridiculous lengths someone took to prevent full access to the hardware.  If you've been holding off for the same reason, or have the need to own your phone hardware, hit the source links. [XDA-Wiki via XDA-Developers] Thanks, theglock!


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All T-Mobile G2 hardware security gets defeated


"there was nothing I didn't like enough to not use it"

I found something, the fact that it completely lost the signal by picking up the phone (iPhone 4 anyone???).

Cellular signal attenuation can occur in the G2 but nowhere NEAR to the extent that it happend in the iphone 4g

i got a epic but i gotta say after playing with the g2 i'll admit it's fastest most responsive phone out there & i would consider leaving sprint for this phone. BUT THE SCREEN SIZE & SLIDING MECHANISM TURNS ME OFF!

whats wrong with the sliding mechanism beside if u hold it upside down by the screen but i mean would you really do that? lol

Doesn't look that hard to do. At least not as bad as perma-rooting. Still, a few automated tools could go a long way to save time and potential screwups.

Yeah, it looks like they'll be releasing some kind of a tool to do this for you. In the source link it says that "an easier method for this is forthcoming."

Still, I'm so glad I don't have to go through all of this anymore with my Nexus One. That was my number one reason for ditching my iPhone and going Android, and it still stands. I'm eligible for an upgrade now, but I'll wait until I can get a completely unlocked phone and not have to worry about manufacturers telling me what I can and can't do with my hardware, thankyouverymuch.

if anyone one has done this and wanna walk me through it that would be awesome cause i am not stupid by any means just gotta be shown once