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It's interesting times at the moment in the UK for EE (formerly Everything Everywhere), who own both Orange and T-Mobile UK. We have mentioned in various posts about the company rolling out their new 4G LTE service in the UK at the end of October, the first network to do so in Great Britain.

Today EE have announced that all 700 of the Orange and T-Mobile stores will be re-branded as EE by the end of the month to coincide with the 4G roll out. The news arrives along with some special EE staff training that is happening at the NEC in Birmingham where 12,000 internal staff and 3000 partners will learn about the new brand.

I popped into my local EE store earlier today and although they have the new EE sign above the shop the internals are still very much Everything Everywhere. But, that will change over the next few weeks so I suppose I had better plan another visit soon.

As well as EE having the new 4G service as a huge selling tool I am pretty sure that they are the only retail chain in the UK where every phone on display actually works. Using dummy ones is a total waste of time in my opinion so kudos to them for that.

Keep your eyes peeled for more EE news soon including price plans and data tariffs, but if you spot anything we don't, please send us a tweet or sound of in the comments.

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xstex_ says:

How will they handle duplicate stores? I know several places with two on the same street, and some even right next to each other or facing.

badkitties says:

Why are there so many news articles about mobile carriers/retailers
from the United Kingdom?

Are there really that many UK readers here at AndroidCentral?

Based on what I've seen in the forums, I would guess the majority(87% to 91%)
of the readers are in the US & Canada.

xstex_ says:

I've no idea, but why does it bother you?

I was about to put the same thing.

The unveiling of one of the most important Android phones in a long time was here in good old' blighty.

badkitties says:

no, why should it bother me? :) I was just curious. :)

I visit the UK 7 to 8 times a year and it's like a 2nd home to me.
(mostly mileage runs)

xstex_ says:

Fair enough. Yeah I'm from the UK anyway and read it all the time, lots of people I know do to. Plus I think some of the writers are from the UK.

mwara244 says:

It's nice to see the comparison of the mobile industry from around the world in carriers and phones, to see what our countries do and don't have apart from each other. Like i'd love to get a padfone 2 here in the states, but that'll never happen, especially on vzw, since they like to charge extra for a tablet a month, even on a shared plan. Glad i still have unlimited and tether.

I'd like to know what carriers in countries still offer unlimited. Need an article about that

Taz89 says:

uk reader here and come here everyday have no doubt there are more...frustrating to see most android sites leave out uk stuff and always mention just stuff when there is a bigger world out there

Daedalus1985 says:

"I am pretty sure that they are the only retail chain in the UK where every phone on display actually works. Using dummy ones is a total waste of time in my opinion so kudos to them for that."

Ahem, O2 have been doing it for years...

xstex_ says:

Last two O2 stores I went in didn't do it. They had a few, but not every phone they stock.

Daedalus1985 says:

Likewise not all Orange/T-Mobile stores have all-live demo units on display. I was working for O2 about 4 years ago or so when they started rolling the new stores out.

you limy wankster, bloke bastards...... lmao.... no no I'm kidding.... I just love saying that, sorry! love my brothers from the north.

damo says:

Was going to order a Note II in T Mobile today, perhaps it's wotrh waiting a couple of weeks to see new if EE launch tariffs? As it stands, T-Mo are give me better value than orange, for what basically is the same network!