New Aio Wireless plans

Auto Pay knocks an additional $5 off your plan every month

AT&T's data-oriented prepaid brand, Aio Wireless, is increasing data allowances and decreasing prices on its plans today. Keeping the same structure, Aio Wireless offers three service levels — Basic, Smart and Pro — that each have unlimited talk and text along with a certain amount of high-speed data access, which is throttled (to 2G speeds) after that point.

Starting today, its Basic plan keeps the same $40 price point but doubles its data offering to 500MB at high speeds. Smart drops by $5 to $50 monthly and bumps up the data by 500MB to 2.5GB total. Finally, Pro drops by $10 to $60 per month with the same 5GB of data (although at some point this plan did indeed offer 7GB of data).

Aio Wireless is also introducing an "Auto Pay" system that's popular among prepaid carriers, which decreases your plan price if you set up recurring payments to refill your account. No matter your plan choice you'll pick up a $5 monthly discount for signing up for Auto Pay.

Heavy data users on a tighter budget may want to take a look at Aio Wireless, especially after these plan changes and their move to increasing their data speed caps (at 8mbps last we checked) and offering LTE service on its plans. You can check out Aio's full setup at the source link below.

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Aio Wireless drops prices, increases data allotments


Just FYI, they've always had Auto-Pay. They're just offering a credit as a perk to use it now.

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Sprint has been doing that for years.

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(ZeroLemon 7000mAh battery)

Sounds like they are trying to copy MetroPCS' wildly successful strategy, but they got one thing wrong: $60 a month is unlimited LTE with Metro :) MPCS FTW!

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Not exactly. It actually looks to be more expansive than tmobiles coverage, which is not surprising since they use ATT towers.

Nice. I'm switching to tmobile this weekend. If coverage ends up not being up to par, I now have both Aio and straight talk as viable alternatives. Goodbye contracts, hello monthly savings.

Honestly, from what all my friends have told me, I couldn't suggest StraightTalk/Net10/TracFone at all. I've heard so many horror stories. The only advantage they have is the ability to have locked AT&T iPhones on their network.

I used to sing their praises until they randomly shut my data down for excessive use. This was before they published the 2.5gig real limit.

Now I recommend them to people like my father who barely touches data but needs the voice coverage AT&T provides but occasionally looks up auto parts. I steer away the people who are more data oriented away from them.

WI'll the GSM Moto G get 3G on AIO? I know it's an mvno for art, just want to make sure.

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Meant to say will and att... can't edit on the AC app...

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Their services are not bad. I just wish they didn't cap you at 8mb speed. I switched from Sprint. I miss the unlimited but not the bad service..

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I understand this is an issue for some. I've never felt particularly hobbled by it; 8 mbps seems plenty fast to me for video streaming and general web surfing. And 5 gigs at those 3G-4G speeds for $55/mo is pretty much unheard of if I'm not mistaken.

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I'm going to give them a try. May not be any difference from ST ATT, but there's a few quirks with ST that i hope can be fixed by trying a different MVNO.

Net10 has 40 unlimited talk/text, and data up to 500 MB high speed and I'm pretty sure it works on smartphones. Net10 runs off ATT.

But wouldn't this be $35 for the same thing if you get the auto-pay discount? Does AIO now allow smartphones on their Basic Plan?

Yes, they do. They already allowed BYOD users to use the $40, but now aio branded phone users can switch to the $40 plan.

Is the total cost of the smart plan $50? Or are taxes added to that figure?

I know that with AT&T there are taxes added to their $60 go phone account with auto pay. $6 and change in my situation....

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Note there's not the plan with 7 GB anymore for $70.
The new pro plan is still cheap, though.

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If you already have the $70/7GB plan, though, you can still keep it. You don't have to switch over to one of the new plans if you don't want to, but you won't get the $5 credit unless you switch to one of the new plans. This is the information I've just received from chatting with an Aio representative.

I was just told that if you're an existing customer you *cannot* take advantage of the $5 autopay discount, period. If you learn about or benefit otherwise, please post so your story can be used as leverage in rate negotiations :-)

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Sorry, but 500mb, 2.5gb and 5gb are NOT data-oriented. There are plenty of carriers who beat not only those data allotments, but the prices which they charge for said data allotments.
$5 off for auto-pay is cool, though. I wish more carriers would do that!

If there is a $5 auto-pay discount, and the prices are therefore $35, $45, and $55, then I think that's about as low as it goes for any single line carrier out there that offers 4G LTE and unlimited data. Family plans might get lower or others that are 3G only, but I'd be surprised if there are less expensive choices.

Yeah, right now, the only plan that "trumps" these is the 30 dollar plan on T-Mobile, and that's only if you don't talk on the phone much.

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5GB is pretty darn data-oriented for a tiered carrier/plan.

Doesn't do squat for us hogs but still...

I was on AIO for a couple months, and had bad customer service from the start. They double charged my account twice in 3 months. Calling and talking to them was like pulling teeth. I did get better reception than I do now though because of atts towers. As far as the speeds and data I usually averaged 2-3mbps.. And, I was always trying to conserve on data.. I'm on metro pcs now and have had no problems so far, I'm a bit of a data hog running at least 10gigs a month. If I didn't worry about data then I might still be on AIO for better quality signal..

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With the auto-pay credit, this may tempt me to switch to AIO from Straight Talk AT&T. Has anyone used both to compare speeds and experience?