Adobe just put up a blog post showing off Flash 10.1 running on a brand-new Droid 2, which will come with it pre-installed. They went on to promise that the Droid X, Droid Incredible, the Galaxy S line, and the Milestone will see Flash "in the coming weeks," which is great news for those waiting for Froyo as it is a requirement for Flash. Personally, I am just waiting on Flash so I can get my Strong Bad fix on the go. Check out their video walkthrough after the break. [Adobe]



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Adobe shows off Flash running on Droid 2


I've noticed that if you go to Settings>Enable Plugins and select On Demand, it speeds things up. That way you only load Flash content when you want it. (I'm on an Evo...but should be a similar situation all around.)

To be honest, HomestarRunner was the first site I loaded up after putting Froyo on my Incredible. Just cause I could.

that's the first place I went too :)
watching SB on my EVO just reminded me why I could never go back to an iphone!

If the device I eventually get has a keyboard (want to jump ship to android soon) can I play flash games that utilize a keyboard. Like games on newgrounds for example? Or is mobile flash touch only?

The guy at the Bell store told me that the Samsung rep told them that the GS Vibrant would be getting 2.2 sometime in the next couple of months. Sooner would be better. Would look amazing on this super fast device with its screen that lives up to both its and the phone's names.