AdMob just released some statistics detailing the mobile web space detailing usage, device market share, and other data that shines a rather flattering light on the Android platform. Considering it's been only a year since the T-Mobile G1 first launched and considering again that most of that year was spent with only one device, it's rather impressive how quickly Android has shot up the statistics. According to AdMob, 20% of US mobile web traffic comes from Android devices, which is a solid second in overall rankings. Imagine how much it'll be when recent Android devices like the DROID and Hero actually are available for longer than a month.

In another graphic (after the jump), it provides a breakdown of web traffic among all Android devices. Here's the nuts and bolts:

  • HTC Dream - 36%
  • Motorola DROID - 24%
  • HTC Magic - 21%
  • HTC Hero - 8%
  • Motorola CLIQ - 6%
  • Other - 5%

Considering that the DROID has only been available for a few weeks, the fact that it's already gained so much ground on the other, more entrenched Android devices is simply stunning. These numbers continue to prove that the DROID is an out and out success that will undoubtedly change the entire landscape.

And though the numbers already look great for Android right now, we're expecting them to be dramatically different in the next couple of months. Android is already driving a considerable amount of mobile web traffic and it's only going to grow.



Reader comments

AdMob Stats Shows That Android Is Growing & DROID Is Wildly Popular


I thought there was a lot more Blackberry's out in the wild and would have RIM higher. I wonder if a way to read into that is how much better the native browser is in the Droid than RIM devices.

Yes, that's a nice figure for the Droid, but it still only adds up to 4.8% of the smartphone market, compared to the 55% split up among just the 3 iPhone models out there. It's hardly an iPhone killer yet.

But, yes, it's only been out for a few weeks.

Wow, so you're actually trying to downplay this single phone's impact on marketshare over a span of just three weeks and compare that to 3 iPhone models with a total history of over 2 1/2 years. Amazing.

I would say that the BlackBerry browser has something to do with it. I do a lot of browsing on my BB and I'm switching to another device tomorrow b/c I can't stand the stalling and freezing in the BB browser.

Depending on how this information is gathered, it may not even be correct; a lot of Pre owners spoof the iPhone browser agent (via a patch) in order to get sites to load their iPhone optimized version instead of the standard layout. I strongly doubt that 55% iPhone number is accurate.

@Tate, by the same token, I'm spoofing my browser client ID using Dolphin on my Droid so I can avoid being forced onto mobile sites, which will take me out of the count of android/droid browser hits as well.

This numbers are showing only popularity of AdMob between developers. Nothing else.
It is hard to get any money from Android marketplaec (it small, few countries are allowed to sell apps there), so AdMob is only solution for developers.
On iPhone apps you have choice: to sell app or use AdMob.
On othere platforms: (Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian) AdMob is not popular, because developers have other ways to earn money.

Why Android fanboys need to prove for themselves, that android is popular?
Real numbers showing that Android is not that popular, because of this companies cutting prices of Android phones (see article on this web site about price cuuting for new phones $179->$30).

Come on softak , just come out of the closet and admit you'regay for the iPhone. It's okay to drink the Apple Kool Aide. We understand. Holy Steve is controlling your. brain and you can't help yourself . It's okay. Oh, be sure and get the new Apple iPacifier they're coming out with for Christmas. Word is it's 4 grand and totally sucks.

I am using Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone currently.
And developing apps for 2 of them, starting to develop for Android.
I am saying from my experience.
IPhone is better for me as customer, Windows Mobile next and then Android.
Each platform has "+" and "-".

In comments I see no difference between Apple fanboys or Android fanboys.

Admit it, you are one of them. It is way to cure disease.

P.S. Holy Brin is controlling your brain, so help yourself.

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Look guys, these are just ad numbers. They don't have any relation to how many units of each have been sold or the actual popularity of each device. Basically the on-line ad people can see what kind of device is accessing their ads and they make reports on those numbers. Don't for a second think that there are suddenly more Droids out there then Heros in a matter of a only few weeks. Also, is this global? No way. These add number reports are ridicules. All this shows is web traffic as it relates to ads.

"AdMob" deliver adverts in the majority of Android apps - I bet the majority of these hits are pres downloading those ads when the user is using the app - not from the user browsing the internet so these stats are *majorly* likely to bias the Android platform.

The big question is why people care so much? I love my android device but it could learn a lot from the features of the iPhone - the longer there's a healthy competition in the phone market the better.