COD Elite

Call of Duty fans have something to be excited for today, as T3 is reporting that a native tablet version of the ELITE mobile app is in the works. According to Activision Product Director Noah Heller, a tablet-optimized app was the natural next step, after the developer pushed over 2 million copies of the mobile title on iOS and Android. There are few details available just yet, though the game is said to be coming to both the iPad and Android tablets. It will offer a similar experience to what is now available on smartphones, meaning that you'll need an ELITE account and a copy of Modern Warfare 3 on your console or computer. We'll keep our ear to the ground for details as they trickle in.

Source: T3

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Hand_O_Death says:

BF3 indeed.

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Lee_R3D says:

Too bad the service doesn't work most of the time. I wish I could go back in time to get the money I wasted on this.

igeekman says:

How much did you pay for this app?

n0obpr0 says:

Don't really own MW3 and/or elite but I know for sure the service sucks.

It will end up being just another 1st-person shooter with crappy controls!