If you passed on the Motorola Xoom in hopes of another Honeycomb based Android tablet coming to the market and have been eying the Acer Iconia, you will be pleased to know Best Buy is now accepting pre-orders. For the price tag of $449.99 you will get a 10.1-inch screen with a 1GHz processor that will be the second device to run Android 3.0, Honeycomb. Best Buy's web site shows that the device is set to be delivered between April 24 and 29, which would lead us to believe the launch is within that time frame. [Best Buy via CNET] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Acer Iconia Tablet pre-orders now available at Best Buy, shipping soon


Nice. The pricing is getting better, folks will have to find new reasons not to at least consider these devices.

1) The Xoom has 1GB RAM, how much is in the Iconia?
2) The Xoom has 32GB of storage, how much is in the Iconia?
3) The Xoom has GPS, does the Iconia?

I am sure there are other things you have to know too. It is nice to see a lower starting price for a real, 10.1" dual 1Ghz 3.0 tablet, but you have to know what you are buying for that price.

Maybe this will wake Asus up and get them to release ship date and price on the transformer?

Listen Asus, I really want to buy your tablet. But if pricing and availability is not announced by the time I can walk into a store and pick one of these up, I might just do that instead.

going to buy mine today !!! As long as its in stock at best Buy !!!! FINALLY an Android 3.0 Tabl not priced ridiculously !!! Its about time a sub $500 tab came to market and to have it with Honeycomb and tegra 2 is just awesome !!!

At Best Buy today. None of the employees even knew it was there and had to get on the computer to look up the specs.

Played with it for a while and seemed very nice, good screen, very fast and paired right up with my EVO using Wireless Tether.