Acer Iconia update

If you're rocking an Acer Iconia A500 (and haven't hacked the living daylights out of it!) chances are you'll have a small system update available today.  The update seems pretty minor, and many think it's preparation for the big update everyone expects soon to get the Iconia to Android 3.2, which is reportedly rolling out in parts of Europe for the A501 model today. 

Today's update (for those of you stateside) doesn't have anything new or improved that we can see, but it doesn't seem to break root if that's how you roll.  Everyone is discussing it in the forums, if you've seen the update jump in and share. 


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Acer Iconia A500 getting a small system update today

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Everywhere I've looked says that the 3.2 update benefits 7" tablets but not much, if anything, for 10.1" tabs. Any change list?