A couple weeks back we decided to look to the wisdom of our readers for help in picking a username for Android Central's OUYA username. The response was overwhelming, and after looking through all of them we have come up with a winner. An awesome site like AC needs an awesome username, so here's your winner:

LloydOfTheRingspicked by AC reader glazedfaith.

Besides the admiration of all of us here for thinking up such a great gamertag, you've got a couple goodies headed your way. Namely an OUYA console of your own, and while your waiting for the spring delivery date, a Nexus 7 to keep you busy. Be sure to check your inbox!

Let's all congratulate glazedfaith, and be sure to keep en eye out for more contests from your pals at AC. We love them as much as you guys do!

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omgnoname says:

Awesome job! Congrats!

iamblob says:


icebike says:

LOL, perfect!

Hand_O_Death says:

Awesome name, Congrats (You bastard :)

stcloud99 says:

Thats awesome!

JiMDeeZyy says:

Wow cool name, Congrats!

phor11 says:

I propose Lloyd gets blown up to the size of the Kool-Aid Man and becomes the new mascot for the OUYA console.

betsuni says:

Congrats! Great name too!

xeroslash says:

Nice name. So simple, yet awesomely creative. Great pick, AC.

Now...how about those 10 runners-up?

Edit: Just saw that my entry was on the same page as the winner. One step closer to victory! :)

kitchin says:

Great job glazedfaith, that made my day to see that name. Good pic guys

glazedfaith says:

I'd like to thank all the people who helped me get where I am today. I did it for you, Lloyd!

Congrats, dude!

mputtr says:




Incubus123 says:

Good name indeed

SkinsFan1987 says:

Oh, that's just an awesome name. Kudos!

wpavlik2 says:

I'm slightly jealous. (well, more than slightly) but CONGRATS!!!!

LloydOfTheRings is amazing! It's even better because I was just watching my best friend play Lord of the Rings Online not even an hour ago. Nice job glazedfaith

Damnit, I had the same idea! But by the time I though of it, it had already been suggested twice.
Anyway congats glazedfaith, that's definitely an awesome gamertag.

Droid Stew says:

Great name. Congrats glazedfaith. You know your audience.

obidos says:

Congrats! you got a badass prize pack.

gligor_kot says:

Congrats! Awesome prizes! Keep it up AC!