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We've previously seen ASUS' support pages for its mystical 3G EeePad Transformer, however the device itself has remained elusive up until now. Fortunately AC reader David, who recently spent some time in Taiwan, returned home with a a 32GB version of the 3G Transformer, and sent some photos our way to prove that the device is indeed real and available to buy in some parts of the world.

According to David, the 3G Transformer ships with a different battery, and runs Android 3.2 out of the box. Join us after the jump for more photos showing various bits of system information and the SIM card slot.

Thanks, David!

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Reader comments

AC reader snaps up 3G ASUS EeePad Transformer in Taiwan


Haven't tried it on the 3G network here in Brussels yet but will try get 3G Sim card n do it. Belgium sucks for service providers. The battery life is like hour or 2 shorter according to the website but i haven't really tried to test it. Dock works well and its not a European model so no prob getting all the goodies out of it. Taiwan is a gold mine of all android products many seen on here are already out in about in Taiwan.

But does it have a KalEl processor??? I was expecting the 3G version of the Transformer to boast KalEl. This will be disappointing if it does not.

@Blackbyrd it will run any since its factory open, the serials are TW so no need to worry bout network restrictions
@robertmassaioli sorry it doesn't