Earlier, Phil talked a bit about the way mobile graphics are inching their way up towards full-blown console performance. NVIDIA, who is entrenched in gaming and graphic performance on all fronts, at their a little shin-dig in Seattle really wanted to wow us with numbers and slides and predictions. That's all well and good, but if you're like me, the talking only makes you want to see the product and evaluate it against all the hype.

I'll let others hash out the strengths and weaknesses of mobile gaming in relation to PC and console gaming. I'm that guy who bought Skyrim for the PC, but never had a chance to install it and play it yet. I also won't have time to fool with the Diablo III open beta this weekend. But I do have time to play games on my tablet, and I don't want to waste it playing crappy ones. Make it better, do it as fast as you can, and keep folks like me, who would rather play great games on a small screen while kicked back in a La-Z-Boy, all happy inside. That's why the thing I found most exciting about yesterday's little get together was the mention of two new Tegra Games -- Bounty Arms by Kerosene Games and The Dark Meadow from Phosphor studios. Seeing new titles optimized for the Tegra 3 gets me a little tingly, so I poked around the Internet a bit and found that Bounty Arms comes from the same developers who brought us BladeSlinger (which kicks a serious amount of ass), and a short preview of the THD optimized version of The Dark Meadow. These can't come soon enough. Hit the break to see the trailer and I think you'll agree.

Source: NVIDIA; The TegraZone



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About those mobile graphics predictions - games like The Dark Meadow can't come soon enough


It's great news that we will be able to play top notch games on our phones, but without battery improvements what we going to do carry a few spare batteries around with us. Think it's about time the tech heads came up with slimmer batteries punching out bigger mah.

I was thinking the same thing. Plus it will not be that way for too long. The consoles will get better. So phones are really just getting to what the current generation consoles could do 5 years ago when they came out.

Jerry , You are awesome

Mobile gaming is good (& I appreciate all the work the Developers do in order to make this happen) , but not quite there with Console\PC level. Its a more like catching up with them. Unlike the consoles & PCs , "Handheld consoles" are limited by number of factors & Not just Processing power ! we have Physical space to cramp stuff into , Power supply , Storage Capacity ... etc

I would love to have a phone powerful as an Xbox one day , we are not there yet , but we will get to them one day

Man ,Between Traveling for college & driving my family around on the vacations (beside my father , Im the only one in my family with a Driving license) My "Gamer Status" is messed up. I can't keep up with games like I used to in back in the day (Finished MGS1 16 times) , but one thing Im keeping up with is : Grand Theft Auto !!!!!! Its the only thing keeping me going & I can't wait for GTA V to come out