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Remember, for a minute, what your mother used to tell you about talking to strangers. Now replace that with cell phone carrier customer solutions representatives and automated chat robots. Not that they're out to mislead anybody. It's just that sometimes the facts aren't always there, though they're more than willing to talk to you.

And that brings us to today's rumor of the Google Nexus One making its way to Sprint. Gizmodo quotes the following:

Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding the nexus one.

Unfortunately, this handset model is not on offer as of now.

Once it is launched, you will see promotional campaigns related to the launch date, cost and the features of the handset on our Web site and other promotional media.

Thank you for showing interest in our products & services. Please let us know if you would like us to assist you with anything else.

For all we know at this point, this could be true. The Nexus One may one day come to Sprint. But here's what left us scratching our heads: Once it is launched, you will see promotional campaigns related to the launch date, cost and the features of the handset on our Web site and other promotional material.

Again, that may happen. But consider this: The Nexus One has been out for nearly a month now, available unlocked and on contract with T-Mobile. And it's "coming soon" on Verizon. And you know how many promotional campaigns we've seen from those two carriers regarding the Nexus One? Zero. Zip. Nada. Google is doing all of that itself. (And, yes, using us to do it, too.)

Maybe the growing pains Google has experienced with the Nexus One will cause a shift in strategy. Or maybe things are going according to plan. Maybe the Nexus One is coming to Sprint. Maybe it's not.

We're just sayin': Remember what your mother said about talking to strangers.


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About the Sprint-Nexus One rumor ...


As a current Sprint customer, I hope this is true, but doubt it. I plan to break contract this summer, just to get off of family plan, not going to need it once I graduate for another year. Maybe they will increase rates again and i can jump out ETF free. I'm happy with their service, now that I got rid of the pre. Definitely Android only for a while. Who knows, if the supersonic is as nice as the mythical beast seems, then I'll just get that.

Still rockin my Pre until something like this comes out. There are still some real pros that the Pre and WebOS have over Android but I have a really short attention span with gadgets so once my year is up I will probably be getting a new phone. Not leaving Sprint since nobody can beat them on price yet and they have their share of good phones (even if not the best Androids at the moment). I'm hoping for the Supersonic or equivalent high end HTC this summer for both my first Android phone and first virtual QWERTY not counting my ipod.

Either way, I don't doubt for a second that Sprint will be getting a high end Android phone before the year is out. Whether it is Nexus or Supersonic or Bravo or whatever is beside the point.

I hope someone addresses this but since Verizon and Sprint share the same 3G frequency isn't it possible to use the Nexus One on Sprints network if they will activate it?

Maybe, I haven't heard of that between Sprint and Verizon, but MetroFlash can flash both Verizon and Sprint phones to run on their network.

Thats the exact same thing they would respond with about the blackberry 8330 as well as the tour before they were released. Doesnt hold much water to me.

Meh. The Nexus is a great phone don't get me wrong, but I'm not too keen on the virtually useless trackball and I'd MUCH rather have the rumored HTC Supersonic with its 4.3" AMOLED screen on Sprint which was rumored for March.

No, I really don't think I want a trackball on my next device. They have a tendency to get dirty and messed up pretty quickly, and with such a nice capacitive touch screen I'm not sure it's really useful. Most of the reviews I've read have said that the trackball is nice as a notification area, but that everything else can be accomplished quicker through touch. Plus it kind of bulges out from the phone a bit. If you're going to put any physical hardware at the bottom of the device I'd rather have a small 5 way D-pad or nothing at all.

Great news for Sprint customers.

Nexus One is the best cellphone on the market. Makes my crappy old iPhone look like a cheap outdated toy.

Trackball is nfar from useless ??? Especially for games and various other stuff . As for this coming to Sprint , I have no doubt that it will

You guys do realize this is a canned answer from Sprint that means nothing?

I quote from July 2009, regarding the TP2 (which admittedly did come to Sprint, but note the verbiage):

Or recently, regarding the LG LX610:

Or even regarding a software update for the BlackBerry 8330:

I bet you could ask them about the Droid or even the iPhone coming to Sprint and it would be the same response.

Sprint and Verizon both use CDMA and the same frequencies. Phones from either can work on the other network. Its simply the US cell phone industry that always locks phones to their own network. I wish Google could figure out how to break the cell phone industry of that habit. Its more common to move phones around between GSM providers... except in this country where TMobile and AT&T don't use the same 3G frequencies.

Bottom line. Nexus One on Sprint should be the same phone as Nexus One on Verizon. Its just getting Sprint to agree to terms.

I think the difference here is the nexus one is a phone being marketed by google and presently sold by google . My guess is that they would want as many carriers as they could to carry this phone to make sales boom ( Something Apple should have allowed with there now outdated iPhone ) instead of being married to AT&T and there crappy service . The Nexus One will hit all major carriers in the near future with Verizon being 1st , and just like how the pre came to Verizon , the Nexus One will go to Sprint !! Albeit maybe a slightly different version !

contract with sprint was up on yesterday 2.1. I really hope sprint gets this or the supersonic so I get if it the day they arerleased and I will go to best buy so I want have to mail in the rebate.

Anyone have any word on the SS? I would really like to see them side by side to compare. I love the N1, but if I'm going for an all touch qwerty then I would think the bigger screen would be better suited.

But who knows...the N1 could be better. Only hands-on testing will tell.