Verizon Droid Incredible storage memory

There's been a little bit of confusion regarding some of the specs of the Verizon Droid Incredible. Let's clear up on of them. On every info sheet we've received, ROM -- aka the place to which you can install applications -- is listed at 512 megabytes. When you dive into the phone settings on the device, however, you'll see listed 748MB of "phone storage."

So what gives? HTC now tells us that you can install apps to all of that space, which is a pleasant treat, indeed! Have more questions about the Droid Incredible? Ask us in this forum thread and we'll get them answered soon.


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About ROM storage on the Verizon Droid Incredible ...


HTC is going to be just eating up RIMS share of that pie it just keeps getting better over here. I'm glad they made a beast like this and it's on big red.

My guess is the 740MB of Phone Storage is part of the 8GB, just partitioned off. My question is why they bothered to partition it off and not just leave it ALL available for app installs.

+1 give us the space we want!!

it's like when BB put all that storage on (iirc) the storm. i was so excited about having free space to install apps to. to my dismay, i had a paltry 40mb of free space and 1gb of completely useless space i never used.

Probably by keeping an unaccessible partition, they can better secure paid apps so people don't share them.

I'm sorry, but "should be able to" isn't an answer. They should be able to definitively say yes you can or no you can't!

O, ye of little faith. HTC says you can do it, and I believe them. That said, I haven't loaded 740MB worth of apps into it. I've edited to end any confusion.

I have lots of faith. But they didn't say we can, they said "we should be able to". There's a big difference in what I can do and what i should be able to do. I should be able to have sex with any woman I want....

No, those were my words, not HTC's. (And I've since changed them.) HTC said you can do it, an I believe them. I just haven't tried it yet.

That's it! 748 MB of space is all you get for apps? You're kidding, right? I have over 10 GBs of app on my iPhone. 3GS. NOW, THAT'S INCREDIBLE! how much music can you store on it?

10GBs of apps? What kind of apps do you have? Most apps for the Touch and iPhone are at most 100-200MBs. I have a Touch and have a ton of apps and games and I think I may have like 800MBs taken up.

For most users this will be plenty of space. On top of that Google is working on opening up the MicroSD card for storage and I can see them opening up more of the internal storage as well.

I think this is awesome!

Many apps already store data and other resource files on the SD card considerably expanding the size of the app. As for how much music, you can have unlimted music available because it is stored on SD cards that can be swapped by the user just like ipho... oh wait, sorry I forgot you can't make any changes to Steve's Precious like adding cards or swapping batteries.

You and me both man! I've reached the point where I have to remove apps from my Droid when I upgrade something and the upgrade is bigger than the old version... This phone is gonna ROCK!