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The mystery of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus' 900MHz bug continues. Sort of. We've just been sent this video of the Galaxy Nexus volume buttons being affected by a nearby 900MHz signal while the Galaxy Neuxs is in the bootloader. The Galaxy Nexus in question is said to have had the recent update that fixes the 900MHz wonkiness while Android is running, but you can clearly see the strangeness here in the bootloader.

Those of us in the states will have a hard time reproducing this, of course, since we're not exactly crawling in 900MHz EDGE. (Or in the Galaxy Nexus, for that matter.) And while it's an interesting-looking bug, we're not sure how overly concerned we are about this lingering issue. Maybe it'll be fixed with uploaded bootloader code. But if not, maybe just keep your 900MHz phones a inch away from your Galaxy Nexus.

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900MHz frequency seen having its way with Galaxy Nexus bootloader


That just means that the debounce volume key code that was fixed in the OS, needs to also be applied to the bootloader.

But how often are you going to be in the bootloader with a 900Mhz phone right smack next to it getting your voice mails??? In any case, all Google has to do is apply the same debounce volume key code from the OS to the bootloader.

I am SUPER worried about this. I was supposed to pickup my kids from soccer practice 3 hours ago but I am sitting here until we get a response from Google this is so important.

the patch was for the software, although it was widely know to have been a hardware fault. Not sure why this is so news worthy?

has any one in the uk had the OTA update to fix this, when in normal phone mode?

im still waiting??

Samsung should recall and fix the phones properly instead of having Google try to patch it.

Google has kind of been the carrier's bitch lately though. This is clearly evident with Verizon and their holding the phone back and placing bloat on the device.

Who are we to suggest samsung fix it? For all we know this same issue is present in all 2G phones but the software is calibrated to deal with it.
Ask yourself... If the fix was applied before you received the phone, would you even know or care about it? I suspect not.

Agreed. Another Samsung hardware fail. But that isn't news, that's how they've always done business.

It may not be a big deal to many. But, it really makes me wonder what other hardware bugs could be lurking, not to mention speak to a greater design flaw or overall poor quality control.

"keep your 900MHz phones a inch away"

A INCH?! You mean AN inch? My mental ears were bleeding when I read that. I hope you "Regret the Error" Phil. ;)