8pen keyboard for Android

8pen -- that crazy new Android keyboard -- just got a slew of bugfixes, improvements and, best of all, is now free. Here's what's new in Version 1.1:

  • Auto-space is now optional, and disabled by default
  • Voice input (Android 2.2 with voice recognition enabled)
  • Preview popup
  • Improved dictionary support (suggestions, auto-complete, quick fixes)
  • Basic themes
  • Height adjustment
  • Fine-grained shift pressure threshold
  • Optional vibration when passing through central region
  • Slightly modified numeric layout, for easier access to #, & etc.
  • HTC Tattoo fix
  • Fix of phone keyboard bug that caused force close on some phones

Snag it now in the Android Market (links are after the break). [the8pen]


Reader comments

8pen keyboard updated, is now free


Yea, cause it def. wasn't worth the money to pay for a keyboard I might not use. I learned about buying apps the hard way, before Tunesync updated.

Awesome that they listened to us and made it free. Especially for such a radical new way of keyboarding. If it really takes off and people end up loving it, I could see them charging for it in the future, but not now in the initial releases.

I just caved to the curiosity and bought it yesterday. I swear I'm still within 24 hours, but I don't seem to have the "uninstall and refund" option anymore. Maybe the UI doesn't expect to need that button on free apps. at least it was only $1.50 or something

Seriously. It was $1.50, everyone needs to stop complaining. I bought the app just to support the developers. I'm happy it's gone free, more people will try it now.

Agreed. it was 1.50 out of my own pocket in support of something I like and find very useful. Glad they made it free for those who can't seem to wrap their heads around the pricetag.

nope just tough luck really, they dont have any obligation to provide a refund. i bought it myself by the way.

would be nice if they made some sort of longer tutorial or something to help people with, cus i'm really struggling with it and i doubt i'm the only one.

that was awesome.. it's free.. which gave me the incentive to install it.. it sucks.. which gave me the incentive to uninstall it (within 5 minutes).. Logically there's no way this method of input can be quicker or more intuitive than Swype. Give up.

wasn't going to pay for it, but now that its free i tried it...utterly retarded...
why would i want to make a gesture to type a single letter, when I can make a gesture to type an entire word (Swype)?!?!


damn, for once I went crazy and was an early adopter, and this is what I get for my trouble. Oh well, I appreciate the update, this is generally my first choice keyboard these days.

Still trying it. It is clearly going to take some getting used to. I do like the ability to pre set simple gestures to automatically be things. If there are things you type all the time, that will help a ton.

Yay they listened to us! It's free now!! I really like the concept of being able to type without looking, I hope I can get good at using this keyboard.

Slightly off-topic, but what is the notes app shown in the screenshot for this story? I've been looking for something decent for simple note-taking.

This is a set back for all keyboards. Swype blows 8pen away. As soon as Swype inc and htc get their sh*t together and releases a keyboard with mic on it for the Evo it will be the ultimate input method.

lame - 8penned using two figure 8 motions.
lame - swyped in one partial figure 8 motion
nuf said

If this takes off, we could very well be seeing another Swype keyboard, it's going to be one of the features on the box "8PEN MAKES TEXTING A BREEZE" lmao

its good to know that the developers listen to their constituents...i'm going to give this a couple days...if i like it, i'll buy it if they ever decide to charge for it again

Well, I have to give the developer credit for making this application. However I do not think that this solution is better than other's on the market.

As one of the early adopters, I still really like it - it's especially good on the tiny screen of my x10 mini (where there really isn't room for a proper qwerty keyboard)

My biggest annoyance is all the 1* ratings in the market from people who really can't be bothered to learn how to use it. People need to remember that there's nothing natural about a qwerty key layout either, and most typed very slowly when they were learning to type.

Its a creative idea but not very practical for our current keyboarding market. I took the time to learn how to make the gestures and I get it, its kinda natural now. However I don't want to have to learn a new keyboard layout. Has anyone made a Dvorak keyboard that uses swiping motions? I know Dvorak.

Swyped on my EVO 4G

I've been using the keyboard since they released it. At this point I do have most of the keys memorized, the hardest part is getting the arcs right. So there are some mistakes made. but no where near a qewerty keyboard.
At this point swype still twice as fast for me, do to it's predictive text, but with swype I must keep my eyes on the keyboard in order to type. Not so with 8pen one can truly blind type. . . simply amazing and once the predictive text get better I will kick all of the competition's butt.

this text was type with 8pen