Samsung Galaxy Note 2

We reported earlier in November that just over a month after its launch, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 had sold over 3 million units worldwide. Now just a few weeks later that number has jumped up to 5 million sales worldwide, according to Samsung. It's a pretty great rate of sales, and we're sure that those will only continue to increase as the holiday buying season kicks off. Especially considering that the Note 2 is now available on all major carriers here in the states.

Samsung notes (pun intended) that the device is outpacing its predecessor -- the original Note -- in sales at this point. In its previous sales release, CEO of Samsung Mobile JK Shin indicated a sales goal of 20 million units for the Note 2.

Source: Samsung


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5 million Galaxy Note 2s sold worldwide, Samsung says


Im one of the 5 million nice phone super fast im very happy with it. Had two weeks now real easy to root great app support

remove all system app.
leave only most basic like phone. contact. playstore. browser. etc.
remove the rest. and you'll know what is fast and battery life. :-P

always need a view days for me to get it right and stable.
google the apk that i'm not sure what it does.
remove it when i think it's save or i don't need.
flash it a couple times a day cause it failed to boot.

and i satisfied. :-D
like a fresh install windows.
only install the app you want or need.

i don't like custom rom. i love stock rom with only the app i need.

pardon my english. :-)

Of course, all this requires root right? I remember on my evo3d I was able to uninstall stock apps without rooting. My note 2 is fast already and the battery life is amazing but if it can get better by removing the stock apps I don't even touch would be great. Still haven't decided to root yet. I haven't rooted a phone since the evo4g.

whats that menu in the picture? I've had my sprint note since day 2 and have never seen that menu. doesnt look too important, just wondering...

Love my Galaxy Note 2. I was pretty skeptical about it before I got it due to the screen size, but now I wouldn't even mind 6". Probably 6-6.3" would be the upper phone size limit I could live with.

Come on Samsung, 6" Galaxy Note 3!

They will count me in when they enable Google Wallet (carrier/Google). It's part of my daily life with my Sprint s3.

AT&T will count me in when 4.1.2 hits the airways. Multi-Window support is the biggest reason I want to switch from my S3. I also think that the display on the Note 2 is so much crisper and cleaner.

Let's see what cards AT&T has up their sleeves in the next couple of months with updates.

Cool! Add me to the numbers; my Verizon pre-order is shipping out this week! Woohoo! Can't wait! Feel like a kid at Christmas. :P

Still waiting for my pre-order to ship. I hope VZW HQ gets invaded by a horde of overly-amorous flying monkeys.... I want my ginormous Phablet phone!!!

I'm part of the 5 million. Root your Galaxy Note 2 and change the screen density to 240. The apps and UI will run just like a Nexus 7.

Clearly the BEST Android device on the market period. Just the other day i posted on my Google Plus and facebook pages the images of 24hrs of battery life with 21% left over and 9 hrs of actual on screen time used..The least I have had daily was 17hrs of battery life with 7hrs of on screen time. I have NEVER EVER had a better smartphone ever. Plus on tmobile i am rocking UNLIMITED DATA exactly what this device deserves. You can rest assured that NO DEVICE in the next 6months will top this. Unless it is Samsung.

Getting mine and my wife's on 29th. I need to verify the rumor that claims that white version doesn't have a wake-up lag. Prolly BS, but who the heck knows... Also, I wish there were 32GB or even 64GB versions of that monster.

I've had my Note2 for a month, if there's a lag it doesn't bother me. I think if the screen is off for a while there's an additional 1-2 second wait if you have power saving enabled but it's a price I'm willing to pay for extra hours of juice. :)

there is a small lag, but I only noticed it after I read it somewhere. this phone is good enough to not worry about "wake up lag". BTW i have white ATT 16 GB

It would be 5 million and 1 if I could get an early upgrade from my note 1. I want the multi window function, the new s pen functions, and the quad core processor!

I want Note 2 more than any other phone I've ever seen. Ever. I will pay full price for it happily once I get the cash.

One of the 5 million and couldn't be happier with my phone! The magic hasn't worn off after a month, probably because my friends can't hide their amazement everytime I whip out my phone and show off its features haha. One of my nurses at the clinic recently got a new iphone and the other staff agree mine is 10x better :P

So far I love my note 2. The battery life is unlike any other phone I have had. It outlasts my wifes iphone 4 by several hours and I can still remove and replace the battery if I want. Also, I haven't had the need for a memory card yet and am looking forward to rooting. Only problem so far is I'm afraid to drop it since it feels a little cheap due to the plastic. But a nice case will fix that. I hope sammy decides to make phones with stronger materials next time.

I don't understand why you believe the plastic is cheap? Just because it is plastic doesn't in itself make it cheap.

I always ask people to show me widespread evidence of any Samsung device where the materials used have broken down from everyday wear and tear? If a user drops their phone or runs over it with a car, I'd expect damage regardless of the materials used.

So although Samsung might use plastic, the plastic they use is durable, lightweight, and functional.

The backcover is the flimsiest thing I have ever had on a phone. I have the white back cover and it the paint is coming off from being inside a genuine samsung leather pouch for about 2 weeks. I will be replacing it with aftermarket soon


Why why why?!?!?!?!? It will just make the phone feel heavier than it is!! That 'cheap plastic' is what makes the phone so damn light. It also won't break/crack easily if dropped. Sheesh, think man!!

I have to wait till 2013 to get it. I hope I can sway Verizon to let me have it sooner. I have accessories for it already, thanks to winning a shopping spree from Android Central. And of course I had to get accessories for my new phone....can't wait The Note 2 will be so much fun

To the people who say the Galaxy Note 2 has flimsy construction, I thought the same way about plastic too but the phone feels solid. Also, last night I dropped my phone from a height of around four feet onto a tiled floor face down. My heart stopped for a bit and I had to gather some courage before picking it off the floor but surprise for the flimsy Note 2: the back cover was detached on two sides, but the phone was intact. No cracks, chips, breaks or problems in performance. But yeah I'm getting a seidio case. :)

Nowadays you’ve got to have the big data speeds to go mobile with graphics work. For transmitting my graphics work in Atlanta, I have my Note 2 on AT&T's 4G LTE. This is THE best phone, bar none.