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What we're seeing above are leaked images of the latest offering from Motorola and Verizon, the RAZR M 4G LTE. Coming out just ahead of Motorola's Sept. 5 event, the device seems like a logical progression from the original RAZR on Verizon, with a less distinguished camera hump and some familiar design features -- like on-screen buttons -- of recent Motorola devices. Other specs are as follows:

  • 4.3-inch 540x960 (qHD) Super AMOLED display
  • dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 8MP rear camera, 3MP front camera
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

We'll be following the story and let you know when we get more information, such as pricing and release dates, as soon as they become available. 

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dd0yl3 says:

I can't wait for Motorola to burn through all these old designs, to see what them and Google can come up with.

XavierMatt says:

I was done at QHD. . . . the fu*k?

And not even SuperAmoled Plus. So it's low resolution pentile.

KPCallahan says:

I here ya man. No HD at this point is just a lost cause.

Johnly says:

Chins up "Jay Leno," Chins UP!

KTMKTM says:

Sans camera, the back looks like my old TI-89 graphing calculator. Fail.

No micro hdmi?

And is that a stock widget with the weather and battery, or can I download it somewhere?

tommydaniel says:

It's a Blur UI widget, yes

AndroidOne says:

The widget is OneMoreClock available on Google Play, a free and a paid version. Other skins included with it in addition to the one shown above.

NOLA_Nick says:

I may come off as stupid, but is this the RAZR HD but with a name change?

tommydaniel says:

No, the Razr HD has an HD screen, this one is just qHD


So... this is basically a Razr refresh, sans micro hdmi... It almost looks like a Bionic. 4.3 inch screeen: seems to be the biggest Motorola will go on Verizon. 1GB of Ram: a spec from 2011. Android 4.0 ICS: 4.1 Jellybean is out already. Minus the fact that it has a micro sd card slot, this seems like what 2011's Motorola Nexus could have been. If this is the Droid Fighter that the Internet was going abuzz over, then this is a laughable device. There is nothing innovative about this phone. It seems to be "playing it safe."

XavierMatt says:

It's not a refresh with QHD and ICS, its damn near a downgrade. What's wrong with them. . . what is Google doing with this department.

KTMKTM says:

The Snapdragon processor is a huge upgrade from the TI OMAP they used to use.

mrholzapfel says:

qHD and ICS = fail.

AND the boot loader will probably be locked up tight

tommydaniel says:

Moto started with unlocked bootloaders with the Photon Q

mtmerrick says:

Eh, its a VZW phone, so i wouldn't get my hopes up.

i thought moto said all phones would be unlockable.

Yikes. This thing is HIDEOUS. And qHD and ICS? What is Moto thinking?

Firespyer says:

Why ICS...... why!

codiusprime says:

You do realize these phones are in development sometimes for over a year right? Before JB was even rumored, much less announced and released to AOSP. They can't magically wish JB on to their new phones and make it so.


thunderup says:

Hopefully they have something bigger and better planned for their announcement because this is nothing to get excited about.

PeterPhan says:

HDMI port could be on top, like it is on my current Razr MAXX


I've never held the Razr Maxx. They put the HDMI port on the top? Right next to the Headphone jack? If that's the case, then it would make sense for them to put it in the same spot. Motorola seems to put HDMI ports on all of the phones now. Wish the GS3 had one lol

chubb says:

And we are supposed to get excited about this "new" phone how moto? zzzzzz.

Edit: Oh wait now I see. You smoothed out the hump. OMG! AMAZING!!!!

icu says:

tbh show me a Maxx version or why would I even? The Maxx battery is what took the Razr from the "not gonna do it" pile and into the "hmmm maybee ..." pile. So what I'm saying is I think I'd just take a Maxx over this if I was restricted to VZW Moto offerings.

smooth3006 says:

As a razr owner im not tempted to get this at all. No jellybean is a deal breaker as well. Hopefully tomorrow ill be grabbing a couple galaxy s III's.

trenchkato says:

What the hell is that slot for on the left side of the device?

EDIT: NVM probably LTE sim and microsd forgot that there is no battery door.

Joelist says:

Actually the phone doesn't look that bad. 4.3 is a nice screen size as lately the screens are getting absurdly large. qHD at a 4.3 is a very good resolution but points taken off if it is Pentile.

Really, though, the best way for Moto to make a killer phone is absurdly simple - why don't they just do it?

a) Start with the RAZR MAXX

b) Replace the screen with SLCD HD

c) Replace the chipset with Krait

d) Use as close to vanilla Android as you can, so that updating is not a major pain

The end result would be a killer handset as the SLCD would take care of the pentile issues and pairing the super efficient Krait with a giant battery would give LTE with insane battery life.

mechapathy says:

Wow. Way to compete there, Moto. We know the next iphone will have a larger screen, and you'd better believe they'll make it "retina." qHD? Might as well call it the RAZR mmmmmmmm NAH 4G LTE.


wow sexy, unfortunately its not for GSM.. toobad

AT&T's Atrix HD LTE is the better GSM version of this.

Asterisk says:

Google, fire that MOTO designer.

fodderp says:

This is obviously a budget phone for verizon. The Razr HD will be the better more impressive one.

codiusprime says:

Ugh, I am SO over Motorola. This RAZR crap has been run into the ground a few times over, time for them to do something a little different with their designs. I am very luke warm on the RAZR HD too.

engineerga says:

Do we know the battery capacity yet?

I am zero percent interested in any phone that has a smaller battery than my RAZR MAXX from here on out. It is the new baseline for me. I can make it one and a half to two days with moderate to heavy use unlike the 4-5 other smartphones I have tried that barely made it through a day if actually used. I'm not going back to charging before bedtime or having a dead phone in the morning if I forgot to charge that night.