If you're just getting a new LG G3, we've got some tips to help you on your way

For some lucky souls around the globe the LG G3 has been in their hands for a few weeks now. For lucky folks stateside, the fun is just about to begin with the four major carriers getting them in hands real soon, if not already. It's a really great smartphone – coming a close second in our recent look at the best Android phones you can buy — and it's going to have plenty of folks running out to pick one up.

And so, without further ado, here are 10 things new owners need to know about the LG G3.


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10 things new LG G3 owners need to know


Do you know if the AT&T variant is QI? How do we get the back to wireless charge?

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The link expansys has to quick circle cases has two listed the one that's more expensive and replaces the back cover says in the product description that it'll enable wireless charging on the phone.

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A Florida AT&T store sold me a circle case and Powermat. They work fine. If you prefer more protection over recharging ability look elsewhere.

Dont forget about the AMAZING 13mp OIS+ camera! Brand new streamlined UI with LASER AUTO FOCUS! Simply tap anywhere on the screen to take photos and the laser will focus in 276 milliseconds! Thats faster than the blink of an eye!! And for all those SELFIE fans, the forward facing 2.1mp camera has a Front facing soft light, and gesture shot! You can tap on the flash icon on your front camera and it brings up a light box around the frame so you can take nice, lit up selfies even in complete darkness! And too make it easier, you can use gesture shutter by simply raising your hand palm facing the camera, make a fist, and a 3 second timer will count down giving you enough time to pose!

And she's right. The difference from my LG OG's camera to the G3....well there is just no comparison. G3 camera in low light is amazing.

Seconded on this - I was on holiday and taking pics in castle dungeons and in show caves and was pretty worried when the auto-flash didn't fire. Pics came out fine, only had one (from 286) that it screwed up.
On the other hand, I'd love the ability to dial down the in-phone processing, or even have RAW, since LG's current settings are defo over-sharpened.

I almost spit out my coffee with this comment! So True!

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OK seriously I'm waiting to get my hands on G3 as much as any one but that post was simply cringe worthy.

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Low light photos suck. Battery life was 6.5 hours. Quite hyping crap up for these company's so you can get free models to test. Biased!!!!! Returned it after 2 days.

Dude, they are testing FOREIGN versions of these devices. This is a US based blog and we can't even get decent coverage. This website sucks now. SERIOUSLY, go buy one for $500 and do a fucking review for the U.S.

No need for the f-bomb. Stuff I've seen said it's not on sale in the US at moment, "coming soon", so maybe a bit difficult to lay down the dinero to get one.
@Spazmonic, think you had a bad device (to test). Had my Intl model for two weeks now and no complaints. Way better than my old Galaxy S3, and it's the first LG phone I've owned (been a Samsung and Sony dude before).

Learn how to customize your phone. If you did you might grasp a 3000mah battery can last all day and the photo settings are fine in low light.
Maybe you would like an iPhone--they "just work"--why bother learning how to use your phone...

If you root your phone you can install a G3 based Rom there are a couple good one on xda.

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If you don't play games it won't heat up too badly. Usually only when playing games for a long time.

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G3 is also 5.5 inches. I just switched from an OGP and I am loving it. Battery life has been all day and low light shots are awesome and it's faster than congress voting for a recess.

Retired and not receiving free stuff from anybody, though I am open to the possibility.

Just got the G3 yesterday. Was surprised by how premium they have managed to make the back feel. I love how small the 5.5inch screen feels in the hand as well.

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#11 You wont have the latest and greatest Android updates. Waiting for the first update could take up to 90 days at the min, further updates are not promised.

Pretty meaningless on OEM phones anyway. Internal updates (i.e of the same named version) are irrelevant, although yes the upgrade to 'L' would be nice. Sad fact is though that the G3 on 4.4.2 will still have FAR more features and stability than a Nexus on L.

Features? Nexus has unlocked bootloader. It can unload what you dont want and add features that you want.

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I have a HTC One M7 and the G3 and I can tell you there is a big difference in the size and how the G3 feels in the hand. The G3 is very thin though, so it does not feel bulky.

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May be a 4.7" phone with giant bezels... But not for real 4.7" compact phones like moto x...

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I checked it out today at AT&T. Still love the M8 build. It's still unmatched IMO. But I really want it for that screen alone

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The description says compatible with inductive charging on the quick circle cases. Anyone purchased one and know if qi charging is built it or not?

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Nice tips. Liking the G3 so far but I still cannot get over the amount of bloat on these att phones. Any chance an international version comes out? This is my first LG outside of the Nexus 4 &5 so not sure if LG makes international models available that work on att lte.

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Should be able to disable and/or delete them. I have the Sprint model and was able to delete some and disable the rest.

Could someone that has the phone or Android Central, check to see if it will run the heavy hitter games. For some reason the G2 couldn't keep up in games like magic the gathering and a few others, it would crash instead. What was odd is that the note 3 could handle these games, so I chalked it up to the extra gig of ram. I prefer the LG design but I love gaming on my mobile so was curious if it would work.

Yep.. fooled around with it a bit at the ATT store yesterday too.. Awesome screen and seems very snappy..Had to hunt to find the settings shortcut and the on screen buttons take time to get used to as opposed to my GS3. Will be curious to see how people are finding the radios in these phones since there seem to be lots of comments about the poor reception these get as compared to Sammy or Moto :)

You can customize the on screen soft keys on G3. Makes it easier when transitioning from other OEM's to G3 Go to settings, display, front touch buttons.

Just got the G3 Friday. I live in an AT&T dead zone. I was able to get 2 bars on a good day with my HTC One X and make calls just fine. Go up the road a bit and full signal. With G3 I got zero signal at my house (not too surprised), but the signal is a bit spotty up further where I got good signal on the HTC. I just installed GrooveIP today for making calls from my house and set up the call forwarding on the G3 to forward to the GrooveIP number if my regular number is "unreachable" and it's working just fine. Other than right around home though (I do live out in the sticks) signal has been fine everywhere else.

Now how awesome would it be if LG actually made an effort to make the accessories for this phone available for purchase? The official Slim Hard and Slim Guard cases they advertise look great, but they're non-existent. Same for the wireless charger. We have to jump through hoops just to find the circle case. It's ridiculous. Hoping by the time T-Mobile releases it, buying cases is actually possible.

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+1 on this. I'm waiting for my (month old) pre-order of the wireless charger. Gave up on the QC case and got a Spigen "SlimArmor" instead. Just over half the price of the QC case, it's padded and I got it delivered next day (14 hours between order placed with Spigen's own shop and having mailman give me the package). Doesn't have the "geek" factor of the QC case, but I'm happy with the money saved.

Or get a G2 and stick a G3 ROM on it and save yourself a wedge of cash. All you really lose is the laser focus.

Question about the screen. Its not the sharpening that bothers me so much, its the poor contrast and low brightness. These matter more than anything, it was the contrast along with the appalling washout off axis that killed the N5 for me. So are these really a problem?

No. Coming from the G2 and Note 3 before that, I prefer the G3. I loved the G2's screen as it was pretty on par with the N3 but I love the sharpening on the G3 better.

Good tips. I've had the AT&T G3 since Friday and I think I'm going back to my Z2. The auto brightness is driving me nuts and the speaker isn't great. I've noticed text messages going through slower than other phones. Maybe I have a dud. Anyone else having these issues?

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Texts were an issue. Battery is an issue. Latency was an issue. I returned that phone after 2 days of use. I may have had a dud, but it was absolutely a horrible experience. After having a G2 completely brick for no reason the as well as an Optimus G, the G series has left a sour taste in my mouth. Which is amazing because I have 0 complaints about my Nexus 5.

Also I forgot to mention that if I tried to use any other microUSB charger it would charge and uncharge. Charge and uncharge. I took video of this because my buddy didn't believe me. Neither did the Best Buy guy when I returned until he saw it in action.

Is it worth to upgrade coming from a LG g2? I'm pretty scared it's gonna be too big kinda like the first galaxy note I had...

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Sprint G3. No problems here.
Brightness set. Do not use the auto setting.
No problems with heat at all.
No MMS probs.
Using ART. Works great.


Sent from the future on my Sprint LG G3.

Wondering if there is a list of incompatible common apps for the G3 out there...have read in the forums, Amazon and a few others won't load/work and need to be updated.

I downloaded Amazon app store and got the Amazon app from there. Worked fine for me. Bought a Spigen case from the app for the G3.

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Picked up the G3 along with the g watch. The watch is fun to use. Didn't seem to have any issues with usage in 11:30 am Texas sun so thats a plus. After a day and a half of use, I went back to my Nexus 5. As Phil said in his weekly editorial, I felt "icky" with all the bloat. Perhaps using 3 iterations of the Nexus line has spoiled me.. The screen is beautiful and the phone is amazingly small for the screen size. I have also noticed issues with slow texting and lagging in some apps. Battery life also seemed a bit lacking? I really wanted to love this phone but for me it didn't fit the bill.

I can relate to the slow texts and lag being a problem (I don't have these problems as I'm on Sprint) but not choosing a phone because of bloat? Delete what it will let you and disable the rest. You don't have to feed a pre installed app so pooping on a phone because it has bloat is asinine.

I wasn't intending to poop on the phone. I like it much better than the majority of its competition. It does a phenomenal job on all accounts except for what I mentioned. I know you can disable apps, but some you cant. Some of these issues I have, for all intents and purposes, could be fixed with an update. I simply stated that for me, being used to the minimalistic approach of "vanilla android" has rendered me spoiled. The phone is phenomenal, I'm just not used to the manufacturer/carrier interpretation, or dare I say adulteration, of Android. ;p

Fully Agree! I was on both the N4 and the N5 but this G3 just made me drool. I'll gladly sell this come Christmas if the N6 is anywhere near the quality of this G3. That or a GE G3. This TMo Bloat really sucks and there's many apps you can't disable.

No, looks like the stock LG launcher to me

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I don't know if it is in the picture, but I sideloaded it onto my new G3 and am loving it. Wish OEMs would give the option to go back to ASOP, though, rather than forcing the use of their skin/apps.

Checked it out at best buy the other day I gotta say it doesn't feel too big to me but over time I don't think I could get used to it and I have big hands my gs5 doesn't feel big at all and the display is really good and the quad HD demo on the phone was very nice believe me I can notice a difference however it's not as crazy as when Android phones went from 960 by 540 to 1280 by 720 I think it could become the standard but only on phablets do I see something of this resolution really shine

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I will be upgrading from a G2 this week when it hits T-Mobile on Wednesday. Has anyone who owns one currently installed a 128GB micro SD? Was wondering if it will recognize that large a micro SD. Thanks.

lol I think LG lists the G3 as up to 2 TB cards, idk how they tested that though

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I finally got to take a look at one up close and personal at an AT&T Store and a Sprint Store.
I'm sold.
It looks biiiiggggg. It doesn't look big in person or feel big. But that display IS big.
They managed to squeeze a massive display in something not much bigger than my S4 with case on it.

I have had the LG G2 since the day it hit shelves and I LOVE IT!!! I.m thinking of getting the G3 but Im so happy with what I have now, so its a big debate.

Same here and of course I want the G3 but not going to get it. Going to wait for the G4 or whatever is next fit 2015.

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I have the G3 and if i had a G2 I wouldn't. I was using an Optimus G (stuck on JB) and with a 4.7" screen. I liked the size of the Note 3 so the getting the G3 made sense for me. I still have my OG as a terrific back up device.

Great read for a great phone. Best on the market as far as I am concerned. Awesome battery life. And the add-ons seem to be pretty useful and not a waste of time.

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I have this phone for couple of days, but I'm really disappointed with the battery life. Thinking to return it.

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Im sure some of this has to do with that beautiful screen it has. It wasn't any worse than most other phones out right now. But it is a little disappointing that its predecessor has better battery life!

Me too. Have had it since Saturday and the battery life is HORRIBLE. Worse than the M8 which sucks. And I NEED push/GPS/etc as i'm in outside sales :-/

Having had the G3 for a few days, I am disappointed with the lag. It is not worse than the s4 but not better either.

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Yah it's funny though, the "lag" is only in some areas. Swiping between home screens is completely fluid but changing between apps there is a pause (and then not always). Android L may get rid of that entirely though.

I won't be bothering upgrading until the beefier processors arrive. Nexus 5 specs will do me until the end of next year.

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Anyone know if LG's official Quickcircle back+smartcover will fit with most cases? I want to get some level of protection around my G3, but I would also really like the smart cover. From the pictures, the replacement back adds just a little extra bulk.

Does anyone know if all of the carriers G3's are the same size? For the G2 I bought cases from Amazon and Spigen, only to find out Verizons phone was a different size.

I played with the G3 today. While it's a nice phone, it's not nearly as fluid and responsive as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I wasn't impressed by it. I think I'll wait for the Note 4. If even half of the rumors are true, it'll be worth it.

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Another obscure (geeky) thing to mention: Oleophobic coating. The screen is MUCH easier to clean off than my LG Optimus G's screen. Not sure if the LG OG has the coating (Phone Arena doesn't say it does) but I don't think so. It could also be a Gorilla Glass 2 (OG) vs Gorilla Glass 3 (G3) issue.

I am using Nova and wanted the LG health app. So i created a Nova activity for LG Health and dropped it on my home screen. Makes me insane that this is not a standard app/widget.

Reviews aren't good. I liked on att people reporting bad battery life

I'm sticking with my note 3 and waiting for note 4.

Best screen. Great battery life never never any lag. Note series is drastically underrated

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I even tried the samsung galaxy s5. Screen is too small plus there was so much lag compared to my note 3 i couldnt stand it.

IM hoping the note 4 either uses a behind the screen fingerprint scanner, or a retina scanner

There is very little if any lag on the G3 and I also had the Note 3 so I know what you are talking about.

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You can disable most apps. Not being a great phone because of bloat is weird to me

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hows the reported lag? some say after a days use, it stutters, and you need to restart. have you seen that?

I would rather have seen the quick circle near the bottom of the screen vice the top of the screen. It would be so much easier to one-hand that way.

I actually need to use my phone as a phone for working. The speaker phone function is horrible. About 50% of my calls echo on the other end. Can't really sell to someone who is irritated by the echo caused by my phone. If I can't find a way to fix it, I will have to return it, which is a shame because otherwise, I really like it.

Ugh. This is the worst phone I have ever had. The camera is painfully slow snd always fuzzy. If I zoom even the slightest bit it is a total mess. I got the phone due to the camera reviews but wow were they wrong. I hate the buttons on the back. The unlock screen regularly shuts on and off and on and off without letting me unlock first. The autocorrect system is the most annoying I have ever had. I completely turned it off. Maybe I got a dud phone but I loathe that I am stuck with it for another year. I tell everyone to stay far, far away.

Hi what page you are in the image shown in 5th point. Menu showing setting, shortcut and leave room.

does anyone know where my attachments go to when I save a picture from a text? It says saving attachment to a folder which would normally be dumped in the gallery. But I've been saving attachments and cannot find them... Help

Ok, I am an LG G3 owner and I am going to say it about this circular case. Why bother to create a phone that s the size of a small tablet in you are gonna stick it in a case that provides immediate access only to a small circular part of the display? Quite bizarre logic!