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Samsung Mobile head JK Shin has reportedly told the Korean press that the company's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III, has sold more than 10 million units worldwide. The news follows earlier reports that Samsung intended to reach the 10 million milestone by the end of July, which it's now achieved with weeks to spare. In the two months since the device made its international debut in London, the Galaxy S III has gone on sale in all major smartphone markets, including the U.S. and Sammy's native South Korea, where it enjoyed record first-day sales.

The number puts the Galaxy S III on track to surpass sales of its predecessor, the Galaxy S II, which sold 20 million units worldwide inside of its first year of availability. By contrast, that phone took around five months to reach the 10 million mark.

Source: Yonhap; via: BI


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10 million Galaxy S III phones sold, says Samsung Mobile head


Great! IMO by them making the same phone available throughout the world the same for every carrier, that made this phone a true Galaxy Phone and one of many reasons why people love it.

Also some those who were on 2 year contracts with there first GS were coming off it so what away to keep them for another 2 years.

This is not surprising Samsung has placed themselves on the number one manufacturer list in the technology game. Nothing beats Samsung over these last 2years. With the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, and now the Galaxy S3 their is nothing on the market that can compare. I am looking forward to the upcoming Next Nexus as well as the upcoming Galaxy Note 2. I will be deciding on either the Note 2 or New Nexus specs means everything to me. On of these devices will join my Galaxy S3.

I`ll go with galaxy Noe 2... I have the Galxy Note on AT&T for my job and Galaxy S3, on Sprint for my personal use. I can`t leave either on behind, both device great.

Not surprised at all, the Galaxy S III has been so popular across the world that Samsung has been selling the phones faster than its factories can produce them. With all of the delays and shortages of the phone, I expected sales figures like this.

good for sammy, that sgs3 looks and performs great. and hopefully they start selling them with jb stock otb. i hope they pass the 20m by a mile, that phone desrves it!!

Good for them but we need more than one Android manufacturer to do well or we end up with another Apple.

This doesn't surprise me at all! All four major carriers in the US plus international versions? And as far as I'm concerned they really hit a home run with this one.

Go Samsung! All I know is that the Galaxy S III is the first Android phone I felt I needed to have, and felt was worthy of dumping the iPhone for. That in itself I think is a major achievement of theirs.

I just wish that with a phone thats going to sell 20 million units, they would make more dedicated accessories. Its ridiculous that they dont have any Galaxy S3 specific car docks or desktop docks. The only stuff they are selling is crappy universal docks. The S2 had a bunch of good docks and those phones had multiple sizes and versions. The S3 has 1 size across all platforms and they haven't made anything specific for it. I had to buy the ATT infuse car dock which works fine, but I read that the infuse desktop dock doesn't work with the S3. Its too bad because its a good design that supports portrait and landscape views. Unlike the universal desktop dock that is only a portrait dock. Why is it so hard to make good accessories for your top of the line phone?

I'm not a big Samsung fan when it comes to mobile devices, but you can't deny the fact that they have been on a roll. I'm hoping that HTC makes a total package device soon. If not I may have to jump ship... or settle.

Nice phone, but now there are 10 million more people without the Google standard 3 button layout. That detail bugs me. I will wait for the next Nexus.

I heard rumors on phdroid,Htc woking on on the next HTC one famly with Quad-core and 2GB ram, the rumors said that should show up in the 4Q of this year!!!

Great phone good to hesr your getting the jelly bean fast too. I was a desire HD owner with HTC & with them not supporting even andriod 4.0 ics im never again buying HTC. Well done Samsung great compay & gret phones. Just nobody but HTC there a bad company that lie to customers after getting there sales leave you with nothing but a dinosore phone.

I bought my SG3 two days ago, and I really regret I did it so late. The device is the best one I ever touched and used.Its quality is excellent, and I still wonder why some people keep telling iPhones are better.For those of you who don’t mind the design, you’ll be happy to hear that in addition to the beastly 1.4GHz quad-core processor, Samsung has bumped up the RAM to a healthy 2GB (versus the 1GB that was previously announced). In addition you get a 5MP rear-facing camera, HSPA+ support and the S Pen/Wacom digitizer.