ZTE partners with AT&T to offer its first Wi-Fi hotspot for the car, the Mobley

ZTE has announced its first Wi-Fi hotspot for the car, the Mobley, which will offer AT&T customers high speed data on-the-go. Unlike other hotspots, the Mobley will plug directly into your vehicle, as long as it's from 1996 or later, through the ODB II port. This prevents you from having to turn it on and off, as it is on when the car is, and off when the car isn't running. Internally, the Mobley contains a Qualcomm MDM9215 processor to power the fast speeds of AT&T's 4G LTE network.

The Mobley hits AT&T locations on September 11, and will be available to customers for free with a new contract. If you don't want to sign into a contract, the Mobley will set you back just $100. The hotspot can be added to new or existing Mobile Share Value plans for $10 a month, or connected with a DataConnect plan which gives you 1GB of data for $20, or 3GB for $30.

Purchase the ZTE Mobley from AT&T

Jared DiPane
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