YouTube TV now works on Android tablets

YouTube TV
YouTube TV (Image credit: Android Central)

YouTube TV is one of the many Internet-based services aimed at stealing people away from traditional cable and satellite television solutions in favor of something that's more hassle-free and easier to use, and in its latest update, Google has announced that the YouTube TV app can now be downloaded and used on Android tablets.

Prior to this change, YouTube TV could only be downloaded onto smartphones. The ability to cast YouTube TV to a Chromecast or Android TV box/television allowed for easily getting your content on a bigger canvas, but the new support for tablets means that you can now have extra screen real estate when browsing through all of your channels to find the perfect show to watch.

The expansion to tablets is a nice move, but it's still odd that we've yet to see an official YouTube TV app for Android TV. Google Assistant just made its way to the NVIDIA Shield ahead of the Android 8.0 Oreo update that's yet to land for any boxes or TVs other than the Nexus Player, so while it's obvious that Android TV may not be Google's biggest priority at the moment, a YouTube TV app for the platform still feels overdue at this point.

YouTube TV is still only available in select markets, but its rapid expansion has introduced it to quite a few more areas since its initial launch.

If you happen to live in one of the markets that YouTube TV is supported, you can sign up for $35/month and get access to a variety of channels, DVR support, and account access for up to 6 people. For even more information, check out our full guide.

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