YouTube Music's new Play Music-inspired library design is now rolling out widely

Galaxy S20 Review Youtube Music Aukey B60 Headphones
Galaxy S20 Review Youtube Music Aukey B60 Headphones (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google is pushing out an update to the YouTube Music library.
  • It now works a bit more like Google Play Music used to.
  • Songs you add to your library will now have their artists automatically added to the Artists list.

While a valiant effort by Google to take on the likes of Spotify, YouTube Music clearly needs a lot of work before it can truly hold its own against the incumbents in the streaming industry. It's been working toward that goal with blazing speed, though, adding new features all the time.

But sometimes older is better. Case in point: the latest update to the organization of the library in YouTube Music (via Android Police). The Google Play Music app that succeeded it did a perfectly good job of organizing your library, and in the transition to YouTube Music, Google kind of mucked it up.

So, it's taking a cue from its older product, and making the library a bit more like it used to be. In doing so, it's also solving a number of gripes users had with the product. For example, if you added a song to your library, its artist would not automatically be added to the Artists list in the library. That's now fixed.

What's also been fixed is that if you add a bunch of songs to your library in the form of an album, the individual songs will now also show up in the songs section of the library. I know! It's amazing that this wasn't true before.

The update is seemingly rolling out server-side, so while one lucky Redditor is already showing it off, your luck may vary. Just hang tight, and I'm sure the Google gods will grant you their favor soon enough.

Update: Rolling out widely

Android Police reports (and we can confirm) that the interface update has started rolling out widely to more devices. YouTube is also rolling out a new interface design, though that (and the new Explore UI) are separate affairs to this one.

YouTube Music: Everything you need to know

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