Nova Launcher

In last week's poll we asked what launcher you use on your phone. Whether you like to use launchers to build themes, or you just like to make your home screen look precisely the way you want it, launchers are your biggest tool. Not everyone is savvy to how launchers work, though.

Nova Launcher slid into first place with 45.26 percent of the vote. Using the "Default launcher" snatched up 21.7 percent of the vote to come in second place. In third place with 20.8 percent of the vote was the Google Now Launcher. Fourth place goes to Action Launcher, which managed to grab up 5.8 percent of the vote. "I switch launchers depending on theme" got 3.04 percent of the vote to land in fifth place. Apex Launcher slid into sixth place with 2.04 percent of the vote, followed by Go Launcher EX, which got only 1.36 percent of the vote.

So what's your favorite launcher? Did your go-to not make our list? Be sure to pop into the comments and let us know about it.