Your Galaxy S8 will remind you to clean finger grease off its camera lens

The Galaxy S8's fingerprint sensor location has been one of the more controversial elements of the phone's design, with concerns being raised over reachability, and the potential for fingerprint smudges to accumulate around that rear camera lens. And it appears Samsung, too, is aware of the potential for picture-smudging grease to build up back there.

Once you set up fingerprint authentication — but not before you take this step — the GS8's camera app will tell you to regularly clean your lens at launch, via a pop-up message.

A clean lens makes for better shots.Clean your camera lens to keep taking better pictures.

In our brief time with the Galaxy S8 at the launch event today, we were only able to get the message to appear once, the first time you start the camera app after first setting up a fingerprint. Nevertheless, the fact that it's there at all is revealing, showing Samsung is aware of potential side-effects of relocating the fingerprint scanner so close to the lens.

We don't yet know how big of an issue lens cleaning will be in the GS8, but if you plan on picking one up, it's worth heeding Samsung's advice.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • This is a solution to a problem that shouldn't exist. I get that they want you to use Iris scanner/facial recognition (and to be fair the facial recognition looks fantastic) but the location of the fingerprint sensor is absolutely ridiculous.
  • Exactly. And I'm sure the lens isn't sapphire crystal. I wonder how many scratches will end up on lenses because of this. A poor implementation IMO. If you have to create a workaround to make up for a poor feature, spend some more time at the drawing board and correct it.
  • I have already watched a YouTube video where the facial unlock was fooled by a photo on another phone. Not the most secure method to lock your phone. Hope the iris scanner isn't so easily fooled.
  • You're holding it wrong.
  • I don't understand why manufacturers do things like this. That message being baked into the phone just shows they knew the placement was a bad spot/idea but they still do it. In the long run it makes no difference because it is Samsung and they will sell a ton.
  • Amen
  • This is a prime example as to why Samsung's software is often thought of as overbearing. Yes, you made a prior decision of sensor location. No, we are not infants and don't need to be reminded that cameras need to be cleaned. It's just a completely unnecessary thing that adds clutter while SIMULTANEOUSLY reminding everyone that uses the phone of the poor design choice.
  • LMFAO! No sh*t! Wonder why?
  • S9 will remind you to wipe after taking a s**t.
  • That may be helpful for some people. 💩
  • AKA the sensor shouldn't have been put there!
  • I bet they really didn't want to put a fingerprint sensor on the phone at all after moving it to rear. Engineers were probably like, where do we stick this thing? I don't know, somewhere at the top. Samsung would rather everyone just roll with the iris scanner and facial recognition and forget about using the fingerprint sensor. This reminds me of them including the "Underwater mode" on the S6 Active and then stating water damage is not covered by warranty. One feature contradicts another.
  • Bixby will also remind us to wipe our ass after going to the toilet LOL
  • Lots of people need this so it's actually invaluable.
  • I flip my phone constantly in my hands with a lot of handling of the camera and never had an issue with a greasy or smudge camera. Far more attention to the issue then it needs in my opinion.
  • That's y I'm fly like a G6... This year LG G6 looks way better buy than s8 or s8+
  • Good luck with LG's party piece - automatic BOOTLOOPING!
  • Over a month since we first knew where the sensor likely would be. And it hasn't gotten any less awkward. Feels more like an afterthought, really. Wonder if it's easily triggered by a DBrand.
  • Many people seem to be concerned over the fingerprint scanner. Even though I don't care for them, I can agree that the location is stupid.
  • I personally maintain that the absolutely best place for a fingerprint reader is on the SIDE like Xperia and Nextbit Robin. I mean, the rear sensor is just ridiculous, THIS was bound to happen when it's set up that way...
  • Totally agree, and that keeps onscreen buttons and usually makes the phones look much better while not restricting design; but hopefully a non issue once they eventually get your scanners under the screen. The front is better in ergonomics i suppose; the back would work best for someone who doesn't really have their phone on a desk that often. Maybe we see a near future with multiple sensor locations for increased ergonomics.
  • Why would you even need to worry about the finger scanner. Smart lock, face scanner that looks as fast are faster the finger scanner and the iris scanner to boot . When I had my note 7 i almost never used the finger scanner . This is the future get used to it people. I know change is hard for you old timers
  • I can't wait for the memes. 😂
  • That finger print should have been on the top right corner to avoid this. It makes more sense because it's not that close to the Camera.