Your Amazon Echo can now teach you all about The Art of War

The Amazon Echo has picked up some new skills, including helping to get your day started with a quote from Sun Tzu. You can now ask Alexa for a new quote from The Art of War every day by asking "Alexa, ask Sun Tzu for today's lesson."

If The Art of War isn't really your thing, you can always as Alexa to read you a poem. Once you've enabled this skill, you can ask for a new poem every day. Alexa can also get you more information about science and math.

These new skills come along with the Echo's new ability to control your Lutron Caséta lighting system which lets you control Lutron's wireless switches and dimmers with just your voice.

To use Alexa's new skills, you'll need to enable them in the Alexa app, which you can find on the Google Play Store.

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