You can now pre-order Sony's augmented reality glasses for $840

Sony today announced SmartEyeglass, the company's take on Google's recently shelved Glass project. The device interacts with the surroundings in similar ways, connecting with compatible smartphones to render text, symbols and images into the wearer's field of view. Developer pre-orders have actually kicked off for the Sony SED-E1 SmartEyeglass, which will set you back $840 before tax. Units will be available in Japan, Germany, the UK and US from March 10.

As well as being available for pre-order in the UK and Germany, Sony will also be offering the SmartEyeglass to enterprise customers across Europe. An upgraded (official release) version of the SDK will be made available for developers to start creating apps. The company aims to accelerate production and marketing efforts to commercialize the product in 2016. Smartphones are required to have Android 4.4 or higher installed to interact with the glasses.

Sony Smartglass

Check the above video to see how the augmented reality device can be used when out and about.

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Rich Edmonds