Amazon Music HeroSource: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

What you need to know

  • Amazon Music now has X-Ray, a feature that highlights behind the scenes trivia around artists, albums, and individual songs.
  • It's coming to tens of millions of songs in the company's streaming catalogue.
  • You'll also find X-Ray on the company's other content brands, notably Kindle and Prime Video.

Amazon Music is the latest Amazon app to gain support for the company's X-Ray feature. Already present on other content focused apps like Kindle and Prime Video, X-Ray will give you the option to glean behind the scenes tidbits about your favorite songs, the company shared.

Amazon Music X RaySource: Amazon

Amazon says that the feature will be available starting today, with "tens-of-millions of songs available in the Amazon Music catalog" having the X-Ray functionality. It'll feature on some of the "most popular songs in the U.S, and UK, and expanding over time with a constantly growing catalogue of song and artist information."

Just like with the X-Ray on other Amazon services, it's tucked out of the way and not necessarily forced upon you the way certain other providers implemented similar features in the past.

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The thing about music streaming services is that — unlike with their video counterparts — it's the same library of songs they're all pulling from. Rain on Me and Positions stream the same on Tidal and Apple Music. What differentiates each service from the other is pricing and little value add ons that move the needle for each individual customer. Google has YouTube Premium and its overall value proposition, Apple Music is Apple, and Amazon's X-Rays are just a small part of a strategy that reinforces Amazon Music's place in the company's Prime ecosystem.