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You can no longer buy a new Galaxy Note 7 in the U.S.

It was just last week that the U.S. carriers started voluntarily taking in Note 7s for return despite having just issued hundreds of thousands as recall replacements. Now T-Mobile{.nofollow}, Verizon (opens in new tab), Sprint, AT&T (opens in new tab), U.S. Cellular (opens in new tab) and Best Buy (opens in new tab) have halted exchanges and completely stopped selling the much-maligned Note 7 to new customers as well.

Sales halted, and they probably aren't going to resume.

Each of the retailers' websites show the phone as out of stock, unavailable or completely missing, and statements from each carrier have expressed to Android Central that the phone is no longer on sale citing safety concerns. A common theme among the statements is that customers who purchased a Note 7 or exchanged for a new model have options to return their phone with no penalty to the carrier or store they purchased from.

Chances are at this point that the U.S. carriers will not have the Note 7 for sale again in the future, considering the constant headache this situation has caused them. Samsung, for its part, has said it is simply "adjusting" its production schedule for the phones, but it's not hard to see that moving to a complete halt soon.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • So I've only had this phone for three weeks can I return it to best buy where I used my Verizon upgrade
  • Yes. Do not leave until they give you a new phone.
  • Yes they told me if I go with the s7 edge they'll give me a free tv
  • They told me $1000000000 in cash. You got ripped off.
  • That'd be one of their 12" black and white CRT models from their last remaining dead stock. You care for it well and it'll be worth a lot of money to collectors.
  • Cue the Boyz II Men song " Its So Hard To Say Goodbye"
  • I'm sure you can. I'll be returning mine to Verizon when I decide what it is I'm going to replace it with : /
  • Sadly any phone you get in its place at this point is a downgrade
  • I have exchanged mine but sadly this is the truth. Posted from my unlocked S7 Active/ matte black iPhone 7/ peerless Note 4/ or iPad Pro 12.9
  • Just get a Pixel XL.
  • Fat chance of that being an available option. Most likely those will be limited quantities or flat out told as not an option. Google would do well to capitalise on the situation at jump at a chance to offer the Pixel XL as a replacement for the note 7
  • Pixel phones are an option for Note 7 owners on Verizon, we returned 2 Note 7s today and preordered Pixel XLs.
  • Wrong name, it's the bezels xl.
  • That is a very clever comment! You should be proud of that hilarious joke you just made. Good job!
  • That was a stupid joke. Back to the drawing board, Son.
  • Sadly the iP7+ is my only option given this... scandal. Since google put a back mounted FP scanner despite the huge bezels on their phone.
  • I prefer a front FP scanner and no-so-huge bezels as well, but are you aware that the iP7 also has big bezels?
  • Sure, but the iPhone's bottom bezel, although large, is used for something. If a front-facing fingerprint scanner is a priority for you, that's unavoidable.
  • True, true...
  • Yup, as much as I like my hands and legs it kills me to have to give up such a great device. Ya know, if you don't think about the whole burning an actual hole in your skin.
  • If you are considering not catching on fire a downgrade, yes, you are 100000% correct.
  • Yeah it is... At least until the v20 drops. I'm holding out until then
  • What about Canadian carriers...typed this on my Rogers Note 7.
  • Go to Rogers.
  • i spoke to a manager which knowns about the situation. He will exchange it for any other phone i want. Unfortunately their systems don't have the Google Pixel yet ( as its a pre order still) and the iPhone 7 Plus is on backorder. So he sent me a text giving me the Interaction ID number with a note saying about the change of devices. I don't know if it's the same with everyone but he did say this is one action they are taking but will announce the action within a couple of days or even tomorrow.
  • This is a Rogers manager?
  • Just pre ordered the pixel xl. Sad to give up such a great phone but not taking any chances
  • Hardly can call it a great phone with the issues it has.
  • I've had zero issues ,personally.
  • You are also the poster that told me rumors weren't going around. How is that working out for you now Duffin? Looks like not in your favor.
  • No need to be a dick
  • Not usually like that, but if you would have been on the article the other day you would understand why.
  • Okay. I guess I needed context. Carry on...
  • Yeah, and you're the guy who couldn't point to a single source at the time. If you predicted the world would end tomorrow with no evidence and it happened, doesn't mean you knew what you were talking about.
  • Actually I gave you two sources. USA Today and CNET articles. You just decided to ignore those once I posted them. You are truly a Samsung apologist.
  • I remember reading the comments section and having a grand time because of this fellow. I love samsung but come on, everyone saw this **** coming.
  • Agreed. I've pretty much gone up the line with Samsung phones. I'm currently using my old Note 4 as we speak. I like Samsung too. I also have Apple, LG and HTC products. However, I don't try to act blind and ignore the current issues that are going on. Rumors or not.
  • Doesn't matter, Samsung's officially recalled them, which is what I was waiting for anyway. Stop calling me a ******* apologist. I could just as easily call you a hater. Did I? No, because that's childish. Screw you.
  • You are a apologist. You ignore the facts that there were rumors. You tried to bash anyone that told you there were rumors. Now you are crying and whining about it.
  • Oh my god, rumors aren't facts! And you keep saying you gave me links. You gave me ONE link to CNET which said nothing about there being rumors. I told you that in your previous comments. I never bashed anyone, you're making that up. Never once was I anything but respectful to you. You want to challenge that, prove it. You're the one tossing around name-calling, not me. EDIT: I'm moving on, I've admitted I am now wrong, not sure what else you want from me.
  • You obviously fail to see the point. I'm not sure if you are just trying to be ignorant on the issue or if you are ignorant in general. The point is CNET rumored everything that was going on with the Note 7 and what possible actions Samsung would take. Which yes those are strictly rumors. As I've stated. I get it though. Unless it comes out of Samsungs mouth you don't like to hear or listen to it. Just as a heads up, it usually doesn't work that way. Rumors usually go around prior to companies confirming them. Happens all the time. About 96% of the time. I'm also glad you admitted you were wrong. I respect you for that as to some that don't admit when they are wrong. So again I respect you on that. At the end of the day we are all Android enthusiasts, agree? No hard feelings here.
  • Sorry Duffin, a lot of us, including AC predicted this. You on the other hand clung to your state of denial. Just admit you were wrong and move on.
  • I obviously was wrong, but I don't apologize for not giving into the fear-mongering until an official statement from Samsung came out.
  • Zero problems here buddy.
  • I'm sure the other people said the same thing about their phones before they had problems.
  • Geez you have a hard on for those who doesnt have an issue with their phone yet. Chill out.
  • Besides the battery, it's one of the best phones of 2016.
  • I mean, sure, but if the "best" phone is pulled off the shelf because it catches on fire it can't really be called the best phone.
  • +1
  • I think you better check ATT website. It still shows the in-store exchange option. How about posting something we can actually use like a notice that the recall is now in effect for a second time.
  • AT&T has stated in multiple cases that it has halted in-store exchanges as well. Been the case since last week.
  • My sibling just exchanged her note 7 they got from best buy who sent them to att who gave them an
  • The articles states you cannot BUY a new Note 7 from AT&T. The link you posted states the same thing. What's your gripe about, exactly?
  • I don't want to exchange. I want to return and have my Note 7 upgrade voided.
  • I also just checked and as of 20 minutes ago it still is on their website for in-store exchanges only
  • Report: Apple is investigating a pair of exploding iPhone 6s Plus units
  • Olga. How long has that specific phone been out for? The article is about a phone that has been out less than two months. Had to go through a recall and is now being suspended due to failures of the new production problems.
  • Dude get a life. Every freaking comment from you makes me want to punch a puppy.
  • Second this.. Ill punch the other puppy.
  • Yeah, yeah, talk your talk. You would get bit before you could punch a dog. Then you would cry and whine for a lawsuit.
  • Harsh, tell iMore.
  • and this has to do with the Note 7 design issue how?
  • Bleh
  • a ******* disaster!
  • Well it took nearly 10 years, but we have the first major smartphone product disaster. Samsung is going to take a Billion dollar hit for this, at least.
  • Unfortunately, much more more than a billion. Beyond the cost of replacements and lost sales from the suspension, they now have a brand issue that may take a full refresh or rebranding to shake. I'm very sad to see this issue come up for them.
  • Estimated $10 billion write down for Q4 and $2 billion in Q3. It's a damned good thing they're huge. That earnings report is gonna be rough.
  • The point is give Samsung a chance to troubleshoot this battery issue , the iPhone realistically should not be catching fire like this all of a sudden
    The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not the only smartphone that has had problems with explosions. Recently, a number of iPhone units have caught on fire including an Apple iPhone 7 Plus, an Apple iPhone 7 and a pair of Apple iPhone 6s Plus models. According to a report published today, Apple is now investigating the explosions dealing with the iPhone 6s Plus.
  • Wasn't that what they were suppose to be doing when they recalled the first series of Note 7's that went out? Investigating the cause and fixing the problem. Ot a good way to show you found the cause of problem only to have the same problem the second time around. Sounds like they rushed to get it back out without really going too far in depth with the main cause.
  • As phonefanatic said, they had their chance and blew it, consumer safety is what matters. It sucks for their users if Apple devices are having similar issues, but it has no bearing here. This is about the note 7.
  • The 6S and 6S+ are a year old and while some have had the same issue the numbers haven't matched the number of Note 7's that have had the issue, so to me those are non comparable. The 7 and the 7+, now those could be comparable but the numbers still don't match. Samsung has had an issue with a fair number of Note 7's to the point that there was a recall. We know of at least 5 that are probable replacements now, and who knows how many more we don't know about that the carriers or Samsung do know about? So to me this is a good move on the carriers to stop sales.
  • Funny enough I don't see them on Swappa either...
  • Yeah, they announced that they're halting all sales of the Note 7: I think that updated info was added today or late yesterday
  • Just returned mine. I'll pre order the Pixel XL probably.
  • LOL Samsung
  • Still no official statement from Samsung???
  • They don't care about customers.
  • Walmart too. I work for one.
  • The LG V20 could be a pretty solid alternative.
  • You shoukd know that if you try an exchange at a Verizon store they will give you a hard time.. I tried this and they said they can't take it back after the 14 day period. Spoke with a manager and he told me the same thing and then accused me of trying to pull a scam so he told me to leave or he'd call the cops..
  • I ordered mine on Verizon's website three weeks ago, I called and talked to them today and they told me absolutely no problem to exchange it. The lady on the phone even sent me a direct link back to her and said she would personally take care of it for me. I'm sure she gets some sort of spiff for that but hey that's fine by me.
  • Exactly why I'm holding out on exchanging both my N7. Until there is a definite answer from Samsung and the CPSC I will keep them. Exchanging last time was rough. Took 4 hrs for Verizon to figure out how to get my account right. 5 or 10 devices burning up is a lot less than the 90+ or whatever it was with the last recall. I think people should have the option but I personally won't jump the gun until the facts are released.
  • I'm with you. Have they confirmed that the issues are the same as pre-recall issues? I have had zero issues with my phone so I will hold it as long as I can, like you said, 5 or so issues isn't enough to scare me into a swap out. We will see what happens though.
  • You need to call Verizon corporate and lodge a complaint. That is unprofessional and unacceptable. If the store manager is ignorant of their policies, then he needs to be removed.
  • Sprint made mine a flipping nightmare to return the first time, they said they had to do a refund and charge me again. That was Sept 20th and i still haven't gotten the money back in my bank account yet. And i keep getting email alerts for a return package kit and that the phone hasn't been received yet. I called them and told them i returned it to their dann store and i still hadn't got my refund yet the rep apologized and i haven't heard anything since. I have had 0 problems with either unit i am keeping it for now. I am not anxious to deal with Sprint again and i refuse to return to that store.
  • Yet you just left.....hmm. I doubt it. Even if he was oblivious he would research if u were being persistent. Theres something you not telling
  • I would have waited for the cops. Don't you have internet on your phone to show them the story? Yeah something's fishy here. Posted from my unlocked S7 Active/ matte black iPhone 7/ peerless Note 4/ or iPad Pro 12.9
  • I decided to check C Spire's site, and, although it lists the Note 7 as being for sale, it's showing OOS. Their press page doesn't have anything about it. Has anyone heard them say anything about it? Odd that they don't have anything posted about it.
  • Now that's the Verizon I remember!
  • It's disappointing as I wanted to upgrade my Note 5 to the 7. But looks like the S8 Edge will be my next device as I have absolutely no interest in any of the current phones.
  • Such a shame to be honest and it's going to be very interesting how they recover. they will without a doubt it's Samsung we are talking about but I never thought I'd ever see this kind of thing happen with the checks and advanced technology in devices today.
  • Reason why you're posting a month old story that applied to pre-recall devices? Posted from my unlocked S7 Active/ matte black iPhone 7/ peerless Note 4/ or iPad Pro 12.9
  • Will this be the end of the NOTE series for good?
  • It being the only mainstream, true stylus phone, it is hard to say. The S-Pen is quite useful if you learn how to use it. I would hate to see that option gone.
  • Ok, now hopefully we no longer see anymore articles about the note7, I'm tired of them.
    Sorry for complaining guys
  • I usually don't click or comment on the articles I have no interest in..just saying.
  • +1000
  • Don't be silly and expect logic on social media
  • Lol yeah pretty sure we can conclude that the note is dead, and only relevant news would be an announcement from Samsung at this point.
  • They rushed the note and started a dumpster fire, they rushed the "fix" and started a wild fire. Samsung needs to publicly issue a statement for their horrible management of this issue to let customers know exactly what happened and why so customers feel safe going forward. /Wonder how many people lost their jobs cuz of this? Thank God i never cared for Samsung.
  • The Canadian Galaxy Note 7 runs a Snapdragon 820 chip, not Exynos, so I wonder if this is the reason why there hasn't been any issues reported from the first ,and the replacement Note7
  • U.S devices also use the 820
  • This e bifurcation is remedial but it's also cognitive genius. I'm sure you'll have to return the device if they aren't selling or exchanging. Expect a software update to kill all wild devices. My colleague couldn't even fly with their note had to exchange it earlier at AT&Fee. Whew. This gives new meaning to a quick sale fire launch. And it's the holiday season. ....see when you neck and neck with competition it takes one of you to slip up for the other to gain a lead..... I just know apple is behind this debacle
  • Wow
  • Marijuana legal in your state ?
  • I don't know I'm vegan
  • This will probably be useful for you.
  • I prefer non stick
  • I wonder if they even made any changes at all to the "fixed" Note 7 or if they just took a chance that these explosions were just flukes but on the high end of what they considered acceptable failures. Maybe they thought think this is normal but because social media has gotten so out of hand people find out and report this stuff way more than they used to?
  • I'm sure they'd have made some changes. If it was found that they'd didn't, they'd be fined and sued out of business. Remember, this turned into an official recall ordered by the VPSV.
  • If the reports are about the NEWER SAFE Note 7's catching fire, then the battery was obviously not the issue for the first batch.
    Come on Samsung!
    Third times a charm! By the late Johnny Cash, My note 7 morphed
    into a burnin' ring of fire
    Its turned off off off
    and the flames went higher
    and it burns burns burns
    my whole house down
    my whole house down
  • Haha that's great!
  • Just got off of the phone with Verizon. Have to go to the local store to pre-order a Pixel XL then when they come in on 10/20 go and exchange. This phone is going down like the Titanic and I am jumping ship....Just have to wait for a suitable life boat.
  • I wonder why any stores haven't burned down..They run Note 7s all day long..I guess those are just display units and there not the same the public buys..Food for thought..I guess I will return mines..Better to be safe than sorry..But I'll be back soon as Samsung gets back..For now I'll keep rocking my Nexus 6p/idol 4s/iPhone 6s plus(upgrade to 7plus soon)/Samsung s6e/and Honor 8..
  • Hook, a brother up with aback up phone lol
  • Display units don't get put into and taken out of pockets the same way as live units. My theory is that the normal wear and tear on a phone being used in real life shifts the internal components enough that the divider between the positive and negative in the battery breaks, causing the overheating/combustibility issues.
  • Just saying, Verizon still has it for sale on it's website.
  • Double check most of them say currently unavailable .
  • Fire Sale on all after-market Note 7 cases!! (tongue in cheek, pun totally intended) Kidding. I'm sad. I wanted this phone so bad. I've looked at the Pixel XL, the V20, and the S7 Edge. The glass on the S7E worries me enough that I may wait for something else. Nothing wrong with my 2yo Note 4 except it's 2 year old technology.
  • Techies hear Note 7.. Non Techies hear Samsung. Samsung is going to take a huge hit on all of their smartphone business, not just the Note line.
  • Very well said.
  • FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD FUD Who says that sales won't resume?
  • The carriers
  • Only the recall one's or everything??
  • Everything. Sales are totally stopped in the U.S., at least for the big four carriers and Best Buy.
  • I got mine 4 days ago but I didn't went through the recall process cuz it was a first time purchase.....i bought it from T mobile
  • Well gee I just bought one on CL on Oct 1 for 550 to resale and now I have a dead paperweight.
  • Contact Samsung and they will help you return it
  • $550 to resell? Even before post recall failures I wouldn't have called that a smart move. Posted from my unlocked S7 Active/ matte black iPhone 7/ peerless Note 4/ or iPad Pro 12.9
  • I wonder what the going rate for Note 7's on is now
  • Swappa is not allowing the sale of Note 7s anymore.
  • It's all about money, if Samsung comes out with a third "safe" Note 7 not only will the carriers sell them but people will line up to buy them!
  • Fat chance
  • I seriously doubt it. The "Note7 name is definitely tarnished. We won't see another Note until next year.
  • I will. People want this phone to survive. If not they're waiting to pick up a note 8. I love people reacting to fear mongering from "news" and "media" sites. The note line will be strong this time next year. Does anyone realize that the kids running the news media sites from mom's basement just sit back and laugh at the sheep they manipulate?
  • Sorry but this is mainstream news now. The Note 7 is dead. Samsung is covering their behind by telling all Note 7 owners to power down their phones. They have a greater chance of winning a lawsuit this way. Posted from my unlocked S7 Active/ matte black iPhone 7/ peerless Note 4/ or iPad Pro 12.9
  • Apparently Samsung reported that the replacement n7 s are safe , my source is from tech
  • Or maybe they just stopped global sales and said to power off the phone.
  • LOL, some people must not read timestamps of news stories. Posted from my unlocked S7 Active/ matte black iPhone 7/ peerless Note 4/ or iPad Pro 12.9
  • Anyone remember Richard yarrell? Wonder how he's defending this debacle. It's got to be humorous. He might be a little crazy and a lot annoying but it was entertaining reading some of his comments.
  • I got mine 4 days ago but I didn't went through the recall process cuz it was a first time purchase.....i bought it from T mobile should I return it? The phone is working great and not overheating.
  • Yes, return it.
  • I gotta confess, I got an iPhone 7 when I turned my Note 7 in on Friday and I did it because I am not feeling very trusting of Samsung, but now I am thinking about the GS7. I swear they told me that I had a 14 day return and $45 stocking fee, which surprised me.
  • How bad is the screen on that iPhone 7? Horrible right?
  • It's not horrible, but it sure as hell isnt AMOLED.
  • *sigh*
  • Don't know why more people aren't moving to the S7 Edge
  • B/c of the garbage ergonomics and screen glare.
  • Totally
    Including ghost touches, and typical Samsung bass ackward navigation keys, Touchwiz, and uninstallable redundant bloat and very likely the last to OTA Android Nougat. Despite the influence of Samsung’s marketing juggernaut, Galaxy does NOT equal Android. Perfect time for Google's (HTC) Pixel smartphones.
  • I went to AT&T Sunday to upgrade my G4 and really wanted to get the Note 7 but they were out. Got an S7 Edge instead. Like it so far.
  • Then I am lucky I got my replacement fast enough! Sorry for those who got burned but my replacement is as good as the first one. Its a keeper for me!
  • Traded for Note 5 today. Loved my Note7 but two now. Love Samsung. But still have a Note happy for that and being safe
  • Mama Noooo!
  • Gonna hold onto my Note 7 for at least another week. I bought from Best Buy, so last time I turned in my Note (first recall) I got a S7 Edge and was given a $150 gift card for activating the Edge (plus $25 for doing a phone upgrade as a member of the Best Buy Mobile rewards program). Hoping maybe next week, they'll have a similar incentive on the Edge activation, and I'll get another $150 (plus $25). So far, I have received about $400 in "incentives" for buying the Note 7 ($150 valued Fit Watch, $25 AT&T credit for the recall, $150 at Best Buy for the Edge Activation, $75 at Best Buy for 3 phone "upgrades"). If I can find a way to squeeze another $175 or so out of this disastrous 2 months of phone swapping might consider it a win.
  • Carriers don't want to burn their customers (pun intended).
  • Glad I didn't preorder, probably gonna get the V20 for my next phone.