You can buy the Champagne OnePlus X without an invite today in select countries

OnePlus X
OnePlus X

So you're on the hunt for a new smartphone, and have been eyeing up the OnePlus X, but did you know you could purchase one today even if you don't yet have an invite? The company is allowing consumers to purchase the handset without an invite every Tuesday, meaning you'll be able to place an order before the festive holidays. What's more is the Champagne variant is now available!

If you're still unsure whether the OnePlus X is the smartphone for you, do check out our in-depth review of the device for more details, specifications and our thoughts. Hit the link below to purchase the OnePlus X in Ceramic (limited invites only), Onyx or Champagne. Here's when the company will launch today's open sale (in local times):

  • Hong Kong: 4p.m. (Onyx, Champagne & Ceramic)
  • Europe (CET): 4p.m. (Onyx, Champagne & Ceramic)
  • North America: 4p.m. (Onyx only, Champagne coming in January)

Buy the OnePlus X for $249

Let us know if you're going to pick one up in the comments!

Rich Edmonds