Yes, Google's still working on a tablet; yes, Verizon's 'in talks' to carry it

It should come as little surprise that Google's working on its own tablet because, well, we've told you as much. (Plus there's the Dell, HTC, Toshiba and Samsung variety rumors floating around out there, too.) And it should come as little surprise that Verizon has declared itself the carrier of choice because, well, its CEO has said as much. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Lowell McAdam openly said his company is looking to catch up (or is it cash in?) on the popularity AT&T has seen with the iPad. And Bloomberg reports that the tablet indeed would run Android, and that more details would come out this week. (Ahead of Google I/O? We'll see.)

Anyhoo, exciting times, indeed. Let's celebrate with a poll, shall we?

Phil Nickinson