Yes, Google's still working on a tablet; yes, Verizon's 'in talks' to carry it

It should come as little surprise that Google's working on its own tablet because, well, we've told you as much. (Plus there's the Dell, HTC, Toshiba and Samsung variety rumors floating around out there, too.) And it should come as little surprise that Verizon has declared itself the carrier of choice because, well, its CEO has said as much. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Lowell McAdam openly said his company is looking to catch up (or is it cash in?) on the popularity AT&T has seen with the iPad. And Bloomberg reports that the tablet indeed would run Android, and that more details would come out this week. (Ahead of Google I/O? We'll see.)

Anyhoo, exciting times, indeed. Let's celebrate with a poll, shall we?

Phil Nickinson
  • I say put Sense on it.
  • if google is making their own tablet wouldn't they put chrome os on it? Seems like the likely choice rather than any of the others listed
  • Hehe... I literally just sent you guys an email about this a reported by the Huffington Post.. Personally I can't wait..
  • I would like to also see a stock Android with a more tablet Oriented UI, that would be a perfect tablet.
  • google would be wise enough to let the people decide how they want it. when you order one let it be with the specs that you want. Google should have a list of stuff that you could choose and put it together (os, sense, etc.)That should compete with the ipad
  • Well if Verizon a.k.a. "Big Red" get the Android tablet please make it available with or without a data plan, and please let those of us on Sprint - and eventually with the HTC EVO - be able to use this with the HotSpot feature and NOT have to fork out more $$ for a VZW data plan.
  • Stock Android for any tablet. Keep Chrome in the netbook, laptop, desktop arena. Hope the VZW data plan for it is less than $30/mo, which is steep as it is.
  • Can't wait to see what they do with this one it should be interesting
  • wheres the option of i will never buy a tablet pc comp because they are pointless
  • i would buy one in a second would come in very handy on long trips or when my wife is passenger and wants to play online or fb while on the move. it would also keep me from lugging my laptop around the house so bring it on got an etra line waiting for this
  • If I could get one and use it on Sprint then I would get one. But I will not get one with Verizon.
  • I think it will have Chrome OS. Jump to minute 40:00 of the Google announcement of Chrome OS presentation for the three minute "commercial" for Chrome OS... I think it would be a great tablet experience.
  • Many do not yet understand some of the things that will be possible on a larger multi-touch screen. Therefore, you will see things implemented on a larger screen - think two hands to do a dual column word/number sort as a simple example - that are not practical on a phone-size screen.
    Some coders are already thinking of simplified touch apps for things like word processing, where you'll be able to use both hands to do things like change fonts from simple, context-aware buttons, versus complex layers of dropdown menus we have today on Microsoft type apps. ADS
  • stock android is too ugly to put on a tablet device. people want style, at the very least do a sense type UI, but a new one would be best
  • It's interesting to see this in development. As this'll be Verizon's Droid to AT&T's iPhone, a lot rides on this being an extremely (read: equally) successful product. I'm very interested in seeing who will be supplying the hardware behind this beast. I don't think Google has anyone on their side more reliable than HTC on putting out a good product, so I put my money on them. But if they decide to keep to the element they work best in, who would take their place?
  • What I find interesting in the developing story of Google tablet is its PR/marketing aspect. Once again Google goes against the conventional wisdom. The traditional PR, exemplified by Apple, puts up a dense veil of secrecy around the whole thing until it's ready to be announced. Then goes a big bang of Steve Jobs pouring his charisma over an overexcited-about-who-knows-what crowd. Here we have a totally atypical pattern. First Eric Schmidt "accidentally" talks to a bunch of "close friends" about the upcoming device. Now Verizon's CEO mentions the tablet on the verge of Google I/O. We have to understand that at this level CEOs don't drop their words at random no matter what condition they are in. What's happening seems to be a well thought-out marketing strategy that appears to work well. Kind regards,
    Borys Burnayev
    GTD for Android and Web
  • I say put chrome OS on this baby and I'll gladly buy one, do not make the mistake that apple did and make this into a huge android phone rather than a kick ass tablet computer. I'd buy it not only because I'd probably love it but because I'd have something to bitch slap my brother inlaw for being such an apple fanboy
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