yelp 2.0 for Android

Yelp has brought their 2.0 Android client to the Market, and it has some very nice features in tow.  You can now check in to the places Yelp helps you find, and use "monocle" (an augmented virtual reality layer of sorts) to help you find them.  These two features were sorely missed in the previous versions of the Android client.

Check-ins are fairly self explanatory, but let me explain monocle to you a bit.  You activate it from the Yelp main screen (pictured above), and it uses the camera, GPS and compass in your Android phone to overlay locations on the real-world view you see through the lens.  Perfect for day trips spent walking through an unfamiliar town, or for just goofing around.  Check out a screenshot or two after the break, as well as the download links. (Yelp is for all versions of Android -- kudos the the developers for that!) Thanks willxcore!

Yelp -- checkin  Yelp -- monocle view

Yelp -- what's nearby

Yelp v2.0 (all Android versions)

Yelp QR code

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