Xperia Z5

It looks like Sony is set to refresh the Xperia Z lineup with new offerings later this year. With the Xperia Z3+ turning out to be an iterative update, it is possible the manufacturer is looking to deliver the long-overdue refresh at IFA, where Sony launched its flagships in years past.

The latest leak from ViziLeaks reveals that Sony will be sticking to its dual-flagship strategy, offering the Xperia Z5 and a smaller Xperia Z5 Compact. An image leaked earlier this week showed either handset next to an iPhone 5s, with a possible fingerprint embedded into the power button on the side.

Sony Xperia Z5

Today's leak gives us another look at the phones, with the Xperia Z5 Compact stacked on top of the Xperia Z5. The power button certainly looks different from the rounded design Sony went with in earlier iterations in the Xperia Z series, although there is no way to know whether it comes with a fingerprint sensor until we hear Sony say so.

Either way, IFA just got that much more exciting. What would you guys like to see in Sony's upcoming flagships?

Source: Twitter (ViziLeaks)