Xiaomi's future phones to have 10% more battery capacity for the same size

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra review
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra review (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Xiaomi has unveiled a new battery technology that increases capacity without changing the battery size.
  • The new tech also features a gauge system that prevents overcharging when a phone is plugged for too long.
  • Mass-production of the battery is expected to start in the second-half of 2022.

Xiaomi continues to make great strides in battery technology. After pushing the limits of fast charging speeds with its 200W HyperCharge technology, the company is now focusing on cramming more capacity into the same battery volume.

Xiaomi announced a new "breakthrough" in its battery technology on its official Weibo account, cramming 10% more battery life into the same battery size (via Android Police). The Chinese phone manufacturer plans to achieve this capacity storage efficiency by tripling the silicon content of the battery and upgrading the packaging system.

The result is 100 minutes of additional life on a single charge. With new smartphone features including 5G support and high refresh rate displays now taking a toll on battery life, Xiaomi's battery upgrade sounds interesting.

In addition, the new battery system includes a mechanism that improves battery safety and life span. The so-called fuel gauge chip appears to rely on smart algorithms in order to protect the battery from overcharging, though it remains unclear how this works exactly. It also features a built-in temperature control.

Xiaomi says it will kick off mass production for the new battery in the second half of next year. This means that the technology is unlikely to be included in the upcoming Xiaomi 12, which is rumored to launch in late December to challenge the best Android phones.

Therefore, it's safe to assume that Xiaomi's new innovation is likely to appear in a commercial device as early as late 2022.

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