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Would you buy a phone with no charging port?

Pixel 4 XL bottom frame showing USB-C port and speakers
Pixel 4 XL bottom frame showing USB-C port and speakers (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

A phone without a charging port might sound like a crazy idea, but we may not be that far off from it being a reality. Word is that Apple's 2021 iPhone will ditch the Lightning port in favor of only using wireless charging.

To be fair, Apple won't be the first company to do something like this. Back in January, the Meizu Zero launched as the world's first phone without a proper charging port. However, with Apple having a history of making bold decisions (like removing the headphone jack) and every other company following in its footsteps, it could be the catalyst of future Android phones also ditching charging ports.

As you might expect, this got a lot of people talking in our AC forums about a portless phone.

Wireless is a convenience but if the coil fails and there is no port.......?

Kizzy Catwoman

We should all have choice with how we charge our devices. Forget iTrash.


Yeah I agree . I would prefer it just to be an option. Instead of the only way to charge a phone, if they go that way


Carrying a wireless charger around isn't as convenient as the standard cube unless the charging pad is small and magnetically attached.

Mike Dee

What about you? Would you buy a phone with no charging port?

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Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • No I would not...
  • As a developer, I don't always find debugging things over wireless in Android is very effective in comparison to wired, so I have only done this when I am using some external connection with a device on the port with an app. That means all dev work for the devices if Apple goes that way would have to be nice over wifi for me or I'll get quite frustrated quickly.
  • And all the Apple envy Android manufacturers will have to follow this idoitc practice. Just like getting rid of the audio port. It's just plain stupid. We need over the air inductance charging before removing the charge port.
  • No SD card slots, No audio headphone slots, and now no charging slot. Apple is going to hit rock bottom if they keep taking away stuff like this. How are users gonna transfer files with the USB cords? Or, have a good charging experience while using it without the phone sliding off? maybe if it was magnetic to the phone I might get it, but I absolutely think this is dumb.
  • If the shepherd says turn left, iSheep will follow, no doubt about it.
  • The USB port on my pixel 3 xl stopped working last week so this is a reality for me and I can definitively say HELL NO! Especially with the weak ass battery life on this phone my battery anxiety has been at a 10 all week.
  • I really hope Android manufacturers don't copy Apple, but the reality is that they will. How are we supposed to transfer files or debug apps without USB? Also, even though I rarely use it I enjoy being able to connect a hard drive with a USB adapter.
  • HELL NAW!! I don't understand why people buy phones without this stuff. No headphone jack, no memory card slot and now no USB. We are going in the wrong direction. If y'all stop buying those phones they'll quit making them.
  • Nope! Not when I've been shooting photos and video all day, and have several gigs to transfer. Not when I get woken up at 3am for on-call, and I need a TRULY fast charge while I shower. Not when I love wired headphones.
  • Definitely not. I shouldn't be beholden to my data plan when I need to transfer pictures to my computer at work. At home with WiFi would be no big deal, but at work where I'd have to allow the company to install MobileIron in order to access the WiFi, that's a big ol' hell naw. And what about in the car? It's just not practical. If you're the driver, that's okay, you shouldn't be on your phone anyways. As a passenger on a long road trip, if you have to attach a wireless charger to your phone while you're using it, you might as well just keep the cord.
  • Fast charging us a feature of many Android phones. I'd be surprised if that went away. I could see some phone segments doing it to reduce the bill of materials. Following Apple opens the door for this option. Personally, I want both options.
  • No. Not at all.
  • It doesn’t matter what we want. Whatever Appsung decides to sell is what consumerdom will have to buy. The niche phone makers can only buck the trend for a short time before they have to follow suit.
  • I wirelessly charge my Note10 98% of the time, and even when I decide to charge it via cable, I can charge it wirelessly throughout the day if I really needed to.