What is Facebook about to unveil?

As we previously reported, Facebook is holding a special mobile event at its headquarters tomorrow where it will announce ...  something.

Will this be the announcement of the previously denied "Facebook Phone"?  Or is Facebook announcing new mobile applications for other operating systems, like Android and iOS.  That former Android lead Erick Tseng moved to Facbeook in May is a great source of speculation, there's really no evidence out there.  They've kept a pretty tight lid on what the announcement will entail, so your guess is as good as ours.  If you have a prediction, share it with us in a comment below.

  • Give us solid news no conjecture and mindless speculation!
  • No mindless speculation. Just questions. There is no "Solid news" for this yet. And if we only posted "solid news," there would be no rumors or early hands on.. you wouldn't want that, would you? :)
  • Probably some upgrades to their current application, such as places or chat. Watch them come out with their own Video Chat software.
  • I was just going to say Video Chat!!
  • I don't even have a Facebook account, no way would I be buying into a Facebook phone.
  • I cant imagine anyone liking facebook so much that they would want a phone based around it.
  • Most women I know would (ie...my wife)
  • the entire city of san francisco, will be totally shut down during this time b/c of the giants parade, they'll have to blow people away to make any kind of headline in this town tomorrow.
  • Ooooooo. That's not FB's fault, but still. Makes for a crappy news cycle.
  • No in this life. I'll never use/trust/buy anything from Facebook ever again. Which includes not bothering to see their movie.
  • Lol Facebook didn't make the movie
  • I would like to see an overhaul to the FB app, Would love to see it more like iOS's... Quite annoying when you're wanting to read something and it directs you to go hop on the mobile browser (in my case: Dolphin.) can we just stay in the FB app, please? Would be nice.
  • The survey needs another answer:
    o Nope. I already have an Android phone that I really like and/or I plan on getting an Android phone.
  • For me it doesn't have anything to do with security, and everything to do with the fact that it sounds like a really stupid idea. But hey, maybe they'll prove me wrong and I'll want to sell my wife in to slavery to get one...
  • I just hope when we find out what it is we still care. Facebook is a start as is but it could have a lot more. I would like to be able to talk live in groups or even video chat. Posts and pics are fine but more media could be fun.
  • They will be announcing an IPO very soon. They need more money to compete with Google.
  • Personally I would love to see an overhaul of the FB app. It makes sense, for why else invite AC to anything but an Android related announcement. It would be nice to have an app that wasn't total rubbish that spends people to websites instead of doing any sort of work on the app. We will see though, won't we?
  • Who knows? A Facebook phone could be really interesting, especially if it were also an Android/Google byproduct. Zuck rarely disappoints with new ideas, and he knows his clients extremely well. I'm excited regardless.
  • It is so obvious from their picture. They built a machine from alien technology that sucks out our brains.
  • Sucks to be them. Google beat 'em to it.
  • I just noticed on Facebook that when someone posts from their phones it doesnt say via Facebook for iPhone or Facebook for Android anymore, it says via Android. I wonder if that has anything to do with this.
  • I'm sure it will be an android event with ios added on. Why would they build a phone when they could just plug in pieces of software for deep integration. I'm talking contact list mainly. One click access to facebook chat and contacts. So in effect a skin over stock android. Maybe that means it is a facebook phone.
  • a Facebook phone? Seriously you all? Have we already forgotten they tried one of those ?... it was called the kin on Verizon. If I remember correctly a lot of people lost their jobs over that phone...if Facebook wanted to fire people there are cheaper ways to do it...
  • Maybe free movie tickets for "The Social Network"
  • Pleeeeassssee let it be a new Android app remake...the current one just plain sucks ass! ** Fingers crossed **
  • I hope something new and interesting will be announced this time to make its users happy.