A new MOBA game similar to Dota 2 and League of Legends is coming to Android called The Witcher Battle Arena, and sign-ups for the closed beta have just launched. The Witcher role-playing games previously followed a monster hunter named Geralt. You made all sorts of moral decisions while also getting some medieval ass-kicking in. The Witcher Battle Arena is all action and includes many familiar faces from the games and novels.

In most MOBA games, you're trying to attack and destroy an enemy's base while defending your own. In the process, you'll bump into defensive towers, waves of minions (better known as creeps), and not to mention other players that are eager to hunt you down. Your character levels up and gains gold as he racks in the kills, allowing you to expand your equipment and abilities. The genre is primarily free-to-play, but the developers have been very sensitive to the issue and insist no part of it is going to be pay-to-win. Usually, this means paying to permanently unlock access to certain characters, rather than relying on the free-to-try cycle.

The only other notable MOBA on Android right now is Heroes of Order & Chaos, so it will be great to have a little bit of selection. Anybody can sign up to try The Witcher Battle Arena here, though the beta isn't live just yet. The The Witcher Battle Arena should also be landing on Windows Phone and iPad before the end of the year. You can find out more about the game over yonder.

How many of you guys played The Witcher games? Any interest in the MOBA adaptation?