Win Phil's Google Nexus One [Contest]

That's right, we're giving away my original Nexus One. It's in near-perfect condition and has served me well throughout my journeys for Android Central, but it's time to send it on to a better home. And that's where you guys come in. Here are the details:

  • Film yourself explaining why you should win my Nexus One. Extra credit for creativity and originality, agility, dexterity, use of props, nudity, etc. (OK, maybe no nudity. Let's keep this PG-13 at most.)
  • Upload it to YouTube, and e-mail me the link at phil at androidcentral dot com.
  • We'll accept submissions through April 30, then present them for you, our loyal subjects, for judging.

This is the T-Mobile 3G version of the Nexus One and served as my daily driver for quite some time. So it's not brand new, but it's in great shape, and I've got all the original packaging. It's rooted, and we'll flash whatever ROM -- custom or otherwise -- you want.

Good luck everybody!

Phil Nickinson